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A Line-Storm Song by Robert Frost

No description

sandra ortega

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of A Line-Storm Song by Robert Frost

A Line-Storm Song by Robert Frost
Robert Frost uses nature to create sentimental emotion and feelings. Throughout the poem he uses different types of nature (snowy, rainy, cloudy) to symbolize his emotion. The couple in this poem seem to always argue, but their love is strong enough to bring them back together.
Literary Devices

(lines 1-8): These 8 lines explain the setting of the poem. (cloudy, snowy, wet roadside, rainy)
(lines 15-16): The author uses phrases like "wet woods" and "rain when it blows" to create a gloomy/depressing mood.

(line 9): The birds represent marriage. After a couple gets married, things begin to change and become more independent.
The overall theme of this poem is, if the love a couple has is strong enough, they will be able to overcome any obstacles in their relationship.
Frost wrote hundreds of poems in his life time and his work incorporated themes of life, growth and change. He often turned to nature to convey his message which is where A Line-Storm Song came from.
A Line-Storm Song was first published in New England Magazine on October 1907 and appeared in A Boy's Will on 1913.
This was one of many of Frost's poems in which the weather plays a key part.

Personal Interpretation

First stanza:
When a couple gets into a relationship, they realize that they have their ups and downs. Fights happen, and they can lead to depression in the relationship, but they still want love during that time.
Second stanza:
Even after marriage, fights happen. They begin to argue more and less love is being shown. They become weak to their love, but still stick together through both thick and thin.

Third and forth stanza:
There will always be obstacles in a relationship but they have to learn how to overcome them and that will only happen if their love is strong enough. If they both put in the effort, their love will come back strong.

The overall theme of this poem is, if the love a couple has is strong enough, they will be able to overcome any obstacles in their relationship.
Criticism Time...
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