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Social Hierarchy

Roman Empire

Jeffrey Legaspi

on 13 January 2013

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Transcript of Social Hierarchy

Equestrians What is Social Hierarchy? Social hierarchy is basically your place in
society. Patricians
Patricians were the rich land owners.
Children in a Patrician household would have their own bedroom and a lot of toys. They would also have their own slaves.
Patricians would have more than one house. Commons Commons usually live in apartments.
Men wore tunics with dark wool, boys go to school.
Men worked six hour day. Women stay home
Have legal marriage and children became Roman citizens Cenaculum
(Roman Apartment) Roman School Slaves Senators
The purpose for senators were to be the council of the republic.
Senators had to be rich and over the age of 30 to become one.
The senators job were to make laws.
Senators got chosen by Patricians. Freed People Freed people were slaves in early days but eventually got freedom rights. However, they were not fully freed.
They had a lot of restrictions on what they can do, where they can go and so on.
Sometimes they became free because they saved up enough money or their master released them because they didn't care for them anymore. Social Hierarchy In The Roman Empire Conclusion Social Hierarchy played an important role in ancient Rome. Without social hierarchy, ancient Rome would turn in to chaos as most people would want to be at the top and would most likely fight over it. Social Hierarchy changed ancient Rome forever in to a better place. By:
Jeffrey and Siobhan To have spot, need salary of at least 400,000 sesterces
Man+family had status
Given horse and wore a one inch purple strip down right of toga
Must wear toga for formal occasions Bought in marketplace
Some children sold by fathers, and become slaves
Two ways to get freedom: Pay back same amount bought, released
Slave's children usually get killed when young.
Good master took care of good slave
They woke up in the morning, do jobs like cooking and cleaning Questions How many social classes are there? Who was at the of the social hierarchy ladder? bottom Who was at the top of the social hierarchy ladder? What is social hierarchy? How much money was needed to become
a Equestrian?
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