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Copiague Schools STEM Enrichment Program

No description

Jeanette Altruda

on 12 September 2017

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Transcript of Copiague Schools STEM Enrichment Program

Copiague Public Schools Elementary STEM Enrichment Program
STEM Programs Guidelines

The STEM program is designed for high performing students in grades 3-5 who meet specific criteria.

Students who are selected for the program must have teacher recommendation, principal recommendation, exhibit certain learning traits and meet data supported criteria.

Students must maintain high academic performance and exhibit positive and collaborative behaviors to participate in the program.

Program Setting

The program will be hosted at the Copiague Middle School. All students are provided transportation to and from their home school to the Middle School.

At the Copiague Middle School STEM students have access to a variety of technology tools, large working areas and library resources.

All classes run from 9:00-12:45 pm with a
creative play recess
. Students will return to their home school for lunch.
SNACK time is part of the daily schedule.

Monday - Grade 3
Tuesday- Grade 4
Wednesday - Grade 5
Geodesic Domes

Students had to build the strongest geodesic dome with gum drops and toothpicks and test the strength using books.

The our district's STEM program has been developed with a vision to provide enriching, inquiry based learning experiences for high performing students.

STUDENTS from all district elementary buildings come together each week to learn collaboratively.
Common Core Standards Aligned
NGSS Standards Aligned
21st Century Framework Aligned
Engineering Process Framework Aligned

STEM students are better prepared to tackle the challenges of a fiercely competitive and constantly changing 21st century economy.
STEM literacy is a foundational skill that is important for all careers.

STEM prepares students to be critical and creative thinkers, innovators, problem solvers, collaborators, team players and strong communicators.

The students built the tallest structure possible using one deck of playing cards. They were able to fold or cut the cards, but not tape or glue them.
Save Fred Challenge

Partners had to save Fred using only 4 paper clips. They were not able to touch Fred, the boat or the life preserver directly with their hands. They could only use the paperclips.

Project Based
Program Development: Standards Alignment
Themes are intended to drive an integrated learning experience for students that allows for an exploratory approach to learning.

As students develop STEM(A) skills they will be encouraged to increase personal
knowledge and understanding of the world,
research in areas that engage them, apply and enhance ideas
and concepts
, and propose actions that will affect positive change.
Inquiry Based Projects:
Through class discussion and teacher guidance, essential questions for themes will be developed during class activities. Essential questions will be formulated at the introduction of each theme.
Global Awareness
21 st Century
Creative play, through problem solving activities & "makerspace" time
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