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Cause and Effect of Poverty in the Philippines


Ino Leal

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Cause and Effect of Poverty in the Philippines

Thank you.
Cause and Effect of Poverty in the Philippines
Immediate/Short-term Solution
Medium and Long-term Solution
Big Ideas
1. Poverty is a very serious problem that must immediately be dealt with in order to minimize its effects.

2. The Philippines, its government and its agencies have to undergo major reform to fight poverty.

Big Ideas
3. Poverty takes a great toll not only on the poor but also the country as a whole.

4. Although difficult, poverty may still be solved and thus we must act quickly to solve this problem.
Income Distribution/Inequality
Lack of quality education
Lack of Jobs
Natural Calamities and Over-population
Poverty- inability to secure the minimum consumption requirements for life, health and efficiency on account of insufficient income or property. These requirements include minimum human needs in respect of food, clothing, housing, education and health.
Poor Economic Growth
Child Labor
Bad-living condition
Crime and Theft
we should allocate and raise more money to fight against poverty. The government may also set a budget line. This will give us more help to fight against poverty. More money to help the poor will give better help of course.
We should improve coordination between the involved agencies and key stakeholders as this will improve efficiency between them.
We should improve poverty targeting, monitoring and evaluation. There should also be increased funds for data collection, processing and management. This will help us learn more about poverty and help us prepare more for it. Studying poverty will give us a better chance of avoiding it.
It is said that we should address poverty specifically per area. So that each place receives the care it needs. Each place is different and treating each place special may allow us to get rid of poverty more easily by going to the cause of poverty in those places.
reform institutions to enhance coordination, improve efficiency and lessen corruption. To maximize the money we use. By enhancing coordination we may minimize the amount of effort and money we put into these projects through an organized effort.
recheck the poverty framework and include strategies to fight poverty.
The resources of the local government should be enhanced and their coordination with the national government should be improved. This will allow them to be able to work better and help more in poverty. Again, more coordination will allow less effort and money to be wasted.
The government should increase available resources for social services, poverty reduction, and infrastructure. They should also maintain price stability to shield the poor from high food prices and they should lessen corruption and develop infrastructure in order to boost investor confidence. This will enable more money to go into the country while the poor are being shielded from high prices. Giving more money and allowing more money into the country will allow the poor to get more help, and the boost in the economy will give them jobs as well.
We should conduct more research regarding poverty. This will enable us to learn more about it and help people escape poverty.
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