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The Man in the Well

No description

k j

on 21 October 2015

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Transcript of The Man in the Well

The Man in the Well
By: Ira Sher
abandon farm lot
sunny days
last night rainy
The Man
Intro: Aaron and his group of friends find a well with a man inside at abandoned farm.
Rising Action: The man is asking for the kids to get help but the kids lie to him and just ask him questions.
Climax: After he finds out that no one coming to help he asks them their names and finds out.
Falling Action:The group of kids desides to leave him in the well and never come back.
End: The end of the day it rained at night and no one ever came back to the well.
Man in the well identity hidden to the kids
Group of kids won't get help for the man in the well

From the kids perspective the man in the well is scary they don't want him to find out who they are.
Theme Statement
Being too curios is bad and sometimes its just better doing what you are told. For example the kids are asking to many questions to the man traped in the well.
I give this short story a 3/5
original story
shows as much detail as needed
leave some mystery
kids don't let someone just die.
The oldest kid should be able to get help.
First person view
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