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Landing the Sale

A guide on how to land the sale-- Remember it's about the customer and how you can help them, not just about making numbers for the month. (Test Presentation)

Alan Chang

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of Landing the Sale

The People The Numbers The Product The Other People The Sale The Truth The Bigger Picture Goodwill Future Possibilities Reputation Integrity Rebound Knowledge Happy Customers Long-term Success! Who? How? What if... It's like... I'm sorry... Talk to the right people!
Who's the official decision maker?
Who influences the decision maker?
What exactly will make or break the deal?
Figure this out, and the rest will follow. Get your information through!
Who controls information?
What do they respond to? Learn about the organizataion! Know your product! What's the point?
Precisely, what does it do?
How does it help them?
Why should they pick yours? But know THEM first!

Your product is there to help THEM!

As tempting as it may be--

Don't exaggerate! After all, these are your best tools: If you don't know something,
if it can't do something,
say so and find a solution! Speak in numbers!
"This will save you lots of time!"
compared to...
"This will improve your processing speed by approximately 20%." Quantitative, not qualitative! (Or, the competition) Can't break through?
Proved greater value?
Talking to the wrong person?
If you met their goals, ask why. Some other reason?
Historical service?
Personal ties? Find your niche-- focus on it! You can't make every sale. The trick is to pull out before wasting too much time and wait for the winds to change.
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