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Highschool choices

No description

Gabriela Santana

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Highschool choices

You can talk to everybody
Have different backgrounds
You can fit in more without any problems
You dont have to worry that much about grades like the "populars or nerds" do
Your self esteem is fine,you feel happy about who you are but at the same time you feel pressured to feel acceptance from other peers.
Dont have to worry as much about being labeled something that you might not like
You can join any group or sport you want without being judged
Wont have to worry about lowering someones expectations that they might have of you
High school choices ;
To be apart of the "popular group"
Lower self esteem
Grades can go down because your to focused on other things
Will lead to person getting kicked out of the activity because you have to have a certain grade in order to participate
To be apart of the "nerds/geeks"
You would be more isolated
Keep to their own groups/dont have any friends
Be more focused on getting their work done while other people have fun
They will be bullied
They will get used by other people like to do their homework and other stuff
There is also a group of "punks"(wierdos)
Everyone thinks your wierd and avoids you
Isolate themselfs or keep to their group
Everyone judges you and thinks your the steriotype Emo person
One of the people who get bullied the most
The "outcast" that dont fit in any other group.
Dont have any friends or not many
They get bullied
Hard to talk to
They isolate themselfs
The choice that we would make consitering all the outcomes would have to be that we dont want to be defined or confined.
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