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Building Effective Social Media

No description

Jeanne Garbarino

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Building Effective Social Media

Building Effective Social Media
Strategies for Science Research

How Can Social Media Fit into Science Research?
How can being active on social media help research?
Quantitative vs. Qualitative
What is social media?
"The means of
among people in which they create, share, and/or exchange
in virtual
Since 2005, social media use has risen ~10-fold in the USA
Global Social Media Use
Social Media is Reshaping Society
Form of political influence
Connects across distances
Crisis support
"Crowd Control"
Brand engagement
Geographical distribution of my twitter followers
Social Media
Scientific Discourse
Exchange Ideas
Create Content
Share Content
Find Community
Build a Network
Moving Beyond Impact Factors
Altmetrics is a proposed alternative to the traditional impact factor

Includes multiple factors:
citation counts (peer-reviewed publications and others)
article views and downloads
mentions on social media and other news channels

However, it's important to separate signal from noise
Twitter, Citations, and Visibility
Many researchers who are on twitter will tweet their publications

According to 1 study, highly tweeted articles (>10x) are correlated with a 11x higher citation rate (Eysenbach 2012)

Professional organizations and journals will tweet many papers - can lead to increased media coverage
To get personal anecdotes, I crowdsourced on twitter:
Other ways social media
has helped scientists:
Discovering (and being discovered by) potential collaborators.
Talk invites
Invitations to write book chapters.
Satisfy NSF's requirements for 'Broader Impacts'
Job and consultancy offers.
Direct access to important people in science and government.
Instant feedback for troubleshooting
Support and camaraderie
Personal Branding
“One of the things I hear most frequently about a new hire is how disturbing it is that he doesn’t have a web presence.

Something must be wrong, right?”

-- Danah Boyd
Assistant Professor, NYU;
Visiting Researcher, Harvard Law

Reasons to consider building a personal brand using social media:
Grow your network
Attract opportunities
Establish Credibility
Secure a job
Jeanne Garbarino, PhD
Director of Science Outreach

The Power of Facebook
72% of all internet users are on Facebook

48% of people <30 yrs use it as their PRIMARY news source

3 MILLION links are shared every HOUR
The Largest Global Social Networking Site
1.06 billion active monthly users

Character limit = 5,000

You can define with whom you share

Image friendly

Bidirectional following

Google Plus
Facebook is about connecting to people through who you know. Google+ is about connecting to people THROUGH WHAT YOU KNOW.
-- Kysimir, Soliloquy of Excellence
The Power of G+
Second social networking site in the world

359 million active users

Hugely integrative
Hangouts on Air

Allows for superior sorting and filtering
Google Communities:
It's easier to find interesting people!
The Power of Twitter
140 Character Limit --> Form of "microblogging"

2.1 BILLION daily search queries

Unidirectional follwing
3rd Largest Social Network
One BILLION new tweets every 3 days

200 active monthly users --> speed and virality

20% of Americans use it
Things to consider
1. Identify your audience

2. Identify your message

3. One size does not fit all

4. Learn from your experiences
Adopted from Christie Wilcox's talk on social media for scientists http://www.slideshare.net/NerdyChristie/social-networking-for-scientists
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