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Our leaders through some stratagems aim to keep us conceited

No description

Theodora Tsiakka

on 21 November 2015

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Transcript of Our leaders through some stratagems aim to keep us conceited

Our leaders, through some stratagems, aim to keep us conceited and complacent, as they use indirect means of ruling, people are terrorized by them and think passively, as well as, they are brainwashed from an early age.
methodically keeping people egoistic and self satisfied
Indirect Means of Ruling
Intimidation and Passive Thinking
"There's so much one doesn't know"(Huxley, Ch.7, p.105)
hypnopaedia(Huxley, Ch.2, p.20)
training the puppies(Orwell, Ch.5, p.39)
always happy by taking soma (Huxley, Ch.17, p.210)
slogans: "four legs good. Tow legs bad" (Orwell, Ch.10, p.91)
easy, simple life
no worries
easily governed
critical thinking cannot be developed
decline every attempt of differentiation
controlled behavior
satisfied with what they already have
easily ruled
no chance of revolution
approval of any legislation
easily manipulated
not going against the authourities
"Jones will come back!" (Orwell, Ch.3, p.26)
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