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Copy of Photography

Project Day 1

Emily Breedveld

on 16 March 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Photography

Photo Challenge

Project Day
What are we going to discuss today?
Basics photography
Find the perfect shot
What is a good photo?
Pinhole Camera
What is it?
What do we see here?
It is the very FIRST picture ever made!
Joseph Nicéphore Niépce.
View from the Window at Le Gras, France
Taken around 1826.
Edward Muybridge
First movement ever
captured in a picture
What is a good composition?
Depth of field
Rule of thirds
Balancing elements
Symmetry & Patterns

Depth of Field
Rule of thirds
To crop a picture
Balancing Elements
Symmetry & Patterns
Look at this picture..
What do we see?
Eye level
High above
Ground level
From the side
From the back
From a distance
Close up

From which viewpoint is this picture taken?
When is a picture a perfect shot?
Have a look at the picture you brought with you.....
Is that a
Think of what I just told you..
This is where we want you!
Think out of the box
- Water
- Light
- Movement
- Speed
- Age
- Modern
- Old
- Open spaces
- Color
- Detail
- Humor
- Sports
- A sign
- Peaceful
- Jump
- From above
- Metallic
- Flash
- Choices
- Patterns
This is You now
the box!
Do not go for your first thought
Have fun and enjoy!!!!! :)
Camera Obscura / Pinhole Camera
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