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No description

Hull Elementary

on 9 May 2014

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HOW TO BETRAY A DRAGONS HERO by Claussida Cowell. Fiction. mythology fiction.a boy named hiccup is telling his story as a boy. the authors purpose is to tell about a boy who was a runt but now the king of the wilder west.
This book tells about a boy who unleashed an evil dragon named Furious. He seeks vengeance on the human race. with the help of his friends Fishlegs and Camicazie. Hiccup must now find a way to stop Furious and save the vikings. Then he fights off two people named Alvin and his mother the Witch.
The main characters are Hiccup, Fishlegs, Camicazi, Stoick, and Snotlout,and hiccups dragon Toothless,
the minor characters are the Witch, Alvin, Gobber, camicazi's mother. and the dragonmarkers.
sophie clark
the setting is on an island. the place is in the archipeligo. the situation is getting Hiccup the king instead of Alvin
the main events are that Hiccup was in a nice place but then he was in alvins territory.
the problem was that Alvin was ready to be king and destroy all dragons and Hiccup was going to stop him from doing that.
The rising action was when Hiccup began telling us about the story in the beginning of the greatest book i have ever read.
Hiccup was supposed to be the king but then Alvin had all ten things in his hands and was gonna be the king.
Fishlegs and Camicazi helped Hiccup get the lost things.
The lost things got into Alvins hands.
Alvin got to the place to be king with the dragonmarkers.
the others thought they could get there in time but they didn't.
Camicazi and Fishlegs were sad that Hiccup was dead.
but what they didn't now was that he was alive
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