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V1.0 City of Raleigh

No description

Elisabetta Bruno

on 2 May 2018

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Transcript of V1.0 City of Raleigh

Housing &
Community Development
Community Development
Housing &
City of Raleigh
Housing & Neighborhoods Department
Vision & Themes
Our Mission
Leadership Organizational Chart
To improve the quality of life for Raleigh’s citizens through community and civic engagement and by increasing and improving the affordable housing stock, revitalizing older neighborhoods, and supporting related human services. The Department is committed to improving and maintaining the quality of life and environment for all City of Raleigh citizens by enforcing City Codes.
Raleigh will be a city that values and fosters development that provides economic prosperity, housing opportunity, and equity for all Raleigh residents.
A Safe, Vibrant and Healthy Community
Economic Development and Innovation
Organizational Excellence
Larry Jarvis
Director - Housing & Neighborhoods
Dwayne Patterson
Niki Jones
Ashley Glover
Community Engagement Administrator
Assistant Director of Community Development

Code Enforcement Administrator
Housing &
Housing &
Code Enforcement
Code Enforcement Vision Statement
Role of Code Enforcement
Provide a safe & healthy environment
Enforce Public Nuisance Codes
Public Nuisance Vehicles
Zoning Vehicle Violations
Enforcing the Housing Code:
Enforcing the Non-Residential Code:
Rental Registration
Enforce the public nuisance, Zoning/nuisance vehicles code

Rental Registration Program
Enforce the housing code
Enforce State and Local codes
National Electrical Code
North Carolina Plumbing, Mechanical & Building Codes
overgrown grass over 8”
indoor furniture that has been put outside
car parts
discarded household items
have jagged parts
have a concentration of combustible items stored inside
broken glass
have heavy growth of grass/weeds around the vehicle
have a danger of the vehicle falling, rolling, turning over for any unsafe movement
it’s unlawful to have more than one unlicensed vehicles
working smoke detectors & carbon monoxide detectors
windows that are openable & lockable
permanent heating source
hot & cold running water
water closet & lavatory
secure steps, decks, & porches
faulty or non-working outlets/fixtures
water/sewer leaks or non-working fixtures
infestation of insects or rodents
rotten wood
holes in the roof
missing siding
buildings that are dilapidated
buildings that have structural violations
buildings that are not occupied & unsecured
provides a data base of ownership for rental properties
Community Engagement Division
Community Engagement
Mission Statement
Neighborhood Services Outreach and Engagement
Volunteer Programs
Youth Services
Raleigh Summer Youth Employment Program (RSYEP)
Boards and Commissions
Community Engagement Staff supports Boards and Commissions appointed by the Raleigh City Council:
Audio File
For more information
To encourage the development and maintain safe and vibrate communities through comprehensive inspections of residential and commercial structures as well as alleviation of property nuisances and violations.

Enforce the Non-Residential Building and Structure Code
Promote a viable linkage of community engagement by leveraging assets and resources to build and strengthen connections among all residents through volunteerism, civic engagement and youth involvement.
Raleigh Neighborhood Exchange
Where residents come together and share ideas
Hispanic-Latino Initiatives
Connects members of the Hispanic-Latino community to resources and services
A connection between municipal government and residents
Citizens Advisory Councils (CAC)
Fair Housing Hearing Board
Mayor’s Committee for Persons with Disabilities
Substance Abuse Advisory Commission
Raleigh Human Relations Commission
Raleigh Citizens Advisory Council
Citizen Advisory Councils
19 CACs in Raleigh
Educate, inform, encourage and engage citizens
Raleigh Neighborhood College
Community Engagement
Raleigh Neighborhood Registry
Neighborhood Improvement Funds
Neighborhood Registry and Funding
Volunteer Programs
This Is What We Do
Program Accomplishments
Age 18+ and want to use your skills
Ongoing opportunities, one-time events, and group volunteering
Volunteer within City departments, City-funded agencies, and non-profit organizations
RSYEP provides local youth age 15-18 with valuable work experience and life skills training
180 youth are hired every summer to work in City government departments and divisions
Youth receive on the job training, career counseling, and mentoring from business professionals
Visit City facilities, meet staffers and learn how various departments operate.
Citizens Leadership Academy
Each session has 12 classes
Learn to improve your communication skills, organize your community, resolve conflicts and develop your leadership style.
Join the registry and receive benefits such as access, assistance and funding.
You may be eligible for up to $1,000 in funds for projects that enhance and strengthen your neighborhood.
These funds enable neighbors to carry out projects that they have initiated and planned on their own.
Provide one-on-one mentoring and tutoring
Support the academic and behavioral growth of students
Age 55+
Serve 20 hours per week
Transportation reimbursement
Supplemental insurance
73% of elementary students showed improved academic performance in literacy
71% of elementary students showed improved academic performance in math
Our mission is to improve the quality of life for Raleigh’s citizens by increasing and improving the affordable housing stock, revitalizing older neighborhoods and supporting related human services.
Home buyers
Home owners
Service Providers
Loans to homebuyers
Neighborhood Revitalization
Infill Construction
Rehabilitation Loans
Oak City Outreach Center
Emergency Solutions Grant
Development Loans
Lot Sales
Community Enhancement Grants
Service Providers
Joint Venture Rental Development
City Owned Affordable Rental
Mission Statement:
Good People doing Great Things
Connect with a cause that needs you!
VRP volunteers have contributed over 33,000 hours of service
video 15-20
Video 22 - 27
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