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Feminism theory

school project

Wahid Shafique

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Feminism theory

EXAMINING FEMINISM Before we jump in,
lets find out what feminism is Feminism Social Political MEN the advocacy of women's rights on the Economic Grounds of and Equality TO Historical background The feminist movement was primarily started around
the 19th century is Many thought that the
ideals of Feminism were Absurd men being a famous example John Stuart Mill the first "Feminist" was Hubertine Auclert who edited a periodical about feminism in 1882 the true advent of feminism started in the late eighteen hundreds, and it came in 3 "waves" first wave they focused on gaining basic
legal gains such as voting and
property rights late 18 hundreds and beginning of 19th century it ignited the current movement it spread across europe AND third wave and focused on the social class before the popularity of feminism rose however, many liberal and sometimes anarchical men advocated the rights of women Second wave it focused primarily on DISCRIMINATION AND WORKPLACE HARRASSMENT ranging from the 60's towards the 80's Canadian perspective Birth control was illegal in canada until 1969; when the feminist wave hit our shores emerged in 1990's it was less intense than the previous waves this paved the way for Equality Strengths of the Feminist Theory the theory reveals issues in
society promotes unity among women ender and this theory has lead to the
feminist movement Most of all, it is undoubtedly evident that it has changed society overtime since the early 90s. by: Wahid Shafique weaknesses of the feminist theory it sometimes stereotypes men
and undermines an authors intent which can lead to a gender conflict Handmaids tale is a book that presents a dominant male position taken to extreme levels Feminism in literature some popular examples are Women have no say and get killed for being sterile Every aspect is against the feminist ideals, even the females names
in the books are reflective of that the narrators name is Offred (of-Fred) as in "belongs to fred" Generally, many of the men in the play could be manipulated by the women, whereas Feste brought out the weaknesses of the women. - In the play Twelfth Night, Shakespeare implements the concepts of feminism, along with pros and cons. This goes against the traditional view that females were intellectually inferior compared to men Twelfth Night is a feminist play as it raises the problems of inequality and discrimination between genders.
Prior to the publication of the novel, the feminist movement was already accumulating Aunt – Gave job; She provides Marlow with the opportunity to work. Intended – Kurtz’s fiancee, who recides in Britain while Kurtz is sent on his journey into Africa African mistress - Native woman that Kurtz' has an affair with Woman with Torch (Painting) – This painting of the woman is seen at the central station; it was painted by Kurtz The woman is blind folded, and carries a torch while she is surrounded by complete darkness. Conclusion Feminism is evident throughout many facets of literature and the application of such criticism is vital to understanding the female condition and how it has evolved throughout the ages. Most of all, it is undoubtedly evident that it has changed society overtime since the early 90s. the application of this theory may evoke "radical feminism" There are various forms and set ethical components to
the theory, therefore it is not a unified approach and lacks
a concrete formula feminism has no patriarchal counterpart which may make men feel underpowered this seminar hopefully PENED YOUR EYES TOWARDS Feminism
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