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The Brain

No description

lib hist

on 15 December 2015

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Transcript of The Brain

Benjy Project
By: Nawaf & Aidan

The Brain
Benjamin framklin believed that ppl should perform their
civic duty
and act for "the greater good"*
The Eyes
Benjamin was involveed in institutions, fire fighting clubs academies, insurance companies, libraries and hospitals. What he wanted for the future was for everyone to live in peace and to solve problems diplomaticly *
The Mouth
Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.- The man to get a full nights sleep is more productive during the day
Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.- If you don't try you can't improve, achive, or succed
Whatever is begun in anger ends in shame.-If you start a "war" not trying the diplomatic way it can only end badly
Energy and persistence conquer all things-If you're motivated to do something
The Heart
swimming- He taught himeself to swim and perfected his "art" to teach others
inventing- Inventing was a hobby that he enjoyed
Printing Press- He had started his own busniess as a printer
Achilles Heel
His greatest theme in life also was his weakness he strived for self improvement so he never thought he was good enough to get away for the
of his younger
years in London where he made a lot of mistakes brought apond by his upbringing *
ben frank inspired ppl to
do many things including traveling and inventing
right hand
The Shoulder
the roots
Ben's Inventions
Bifocals-These are glasses that were split in half one piece is the top for distance and the bottom for reading
Electricity-He discovered electricity in the famous kite and key experiment
Lightning Rod-He inventing this rod to protect houses from being struck by lightning
Franklin Stove-He invented this so that
could be heated better without
the smoke
Swim Fins-He invented these to help people swim
faster though
Odometer-He invented this to find the distance he traveled from Philadelphia to Boston
Long Arm-This invention was made to reach high books
Glass Armonica-An instrument that started with a wet finger and runned it on the lip of a glass cup
Mapping the Gulf Stream-He made this map to show the Gulf Stream
Library Chair- benjamin franklin invented the library chairs to maximize

william franklin- william franklin is benjamin franklins son. he was going to be a leader but he argued with his father alot becouse he was a loyalist.
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