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Pros and Cons of McDonald's

No description

Hunter Williams

on 10 June 2015

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Transcript of Pros and Cons of McDonald's

The End
McDonald’s only has a couple good things that you could eat there like their salad, yogurt parfait, orange juice, and apple slices. That is not even 1/10 of their menu. There is much more food at McDonald’s that is unhealthy.
The pros go from McDonald's being all over the place, having a great variety of foods, and it is cheap.
McDonald's is very unhealthy, It is NOT real meat, and also refuses to tell what it does to kids. They say that they offer salads and other things but do you really think kids are going to choose that to eat. No, If McDonald’s is so healthy for kids, why doesn’t the company prove it?
Happy Meal
Stay Away From McDonald's
Try not to eat it twice a week. You will gain weight and most people become obese from fast foods.
Main Points
By: Hunter Williams
Pros and Cons of McDonald's
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