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Maya's water pollution

No description

Gene Monahan

on 11 June 2015

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Transcript of Maya's water pollution

Instead of throwing trash into the trashcan or the recycling bin, some people put their trash in the water. Here are some examples of what people throw in there and how long it takes to degrade:
As snow melts or as rain falls, water is running off of roofs of houses, cars, and tops of buildings. As the water runs off it picks up chemicals and car oils. Once the water reaches another water source it carries its pollutants into that water source. Now that water is polluted.
Oil spills
Oil spills are the most common form of water pollution. Boats that carry oil often tip over or leak into the ocean. Since water repels oil, the oil gets trapped at the top of the water. So if a bird wants to get a bath or some water, they will be covered in the oil and can't fly away. They will also freeze to death because their feathers keep them warm.
Underground pipes
Many underground pipes carrie many different things. The pipes mostly run underground. Sometimes the pipes explode because of pressure and the oils or materials leak into the water.
These oil spills and pollutuion is effecting our animals. Coral reefs are dying, animals are dying or getting severly hurt. Birds get covered in oil and freeze to death. Turtles get covered in oil and can't swim and drown. Birds will come down to ge a drink of water and get trash instead and choke.
So how is this effecting us humans? The water we drink is usually filtered. Usually. Sometimes even if our water gets filtered it can't talk out ALL of the pollution. We are drinking filth. As we pollute more and more we are losing our very small amount of fresh water sources. Stop polluting we aren't just hurting animals, we are hurting ourselfs too.
Stop polluting
Now that you see how its hurting the earth, how do you stop? DO NOT dump trash into the water. Recycling is the easiest answer. When you are finihshed with paper, water bottles, or posters throw them into the recycling NOT the trash. This will prevent the plastic going into landfills, instead they will be resused.
Water pollution
Trash in the water
Cardboard- 2 weeks
Newspaper- 6 weeks
Photo degradable packaging- 6 weeks
Foam- 50 years
Styrofoam- 80 years
Aluminum- 200 years
Plastic- 400 years
Glass- Take so long to degrade the time is unknown
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