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Big Data

No description

Natalie Wozniak

on 2 June 2016

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Transcript of Big Data

Topic in Context
Big Data

What is the future of Big Data
in the United States
as it relates to trends and changes in
consumer marketing and consumption?
DV: Effectiveness of Big Data
Three main areas of focus
Driving the future of Big Data
Some are easier to predict than others
Older generations are getting in on tech
Unstructured data will present an opportunity for Big Data analytics
Flow Scenario
Additional Key Terms
Internet ubiquity

Data Explosion

Internet of Things is slowly coming online

IBM Watson and the rise of artificially intelligent computers
Riptide Scenario
The Cloud
Legal Matters
Internet of Things
Incredibly hard to predict, depends upon numerous other factors
Predictive Analytics

What events will spark legislative action?
Has the ability to completely change the shape of the industry
Business Implications
Marketers revert to traditional tactics based around observation and gut decisions
Polling companies thrive as data gathering entities
Computer Experience
Reserve the right to play
Hurricane Scenario
History of Big Data
Loss of jobs
Universities are damaged after heavy investment in analytics
Neurological marketing
Biological scanners that can analyze brain impulses
Drivers of Change
Systems Analysis
Social media use continues to grow
Forces of Change
Universities add more data analytics focuses
Data scientists become an important mover in employment growth
Business Implications
Big Data leads to increased revenue
Demand for new jobs in analytics
Increase in corporate transparency
Surf Scenario
Drivers of Change
Massive advances in AI and analytics software
Need for advanced programming capabilities
Business Implications
Opportunities in cloud technology advance for IoT
Possible business space storing individual consumer data
Software analytics education becomes more important
Our Question
Matthew Conaghan, Shailee Kumar, Daniel Martin, James McKelvey, Natalie Wozniak
Trend Analysis and Baseline Forecast
Young people love their phones and social media
Data Marketing Firms
Consulting Firms
Expected Scenario: Growth
Technology continues to advance and grow
Data marketing firms flourish in this new environment

Consulting firms suffer as marketing firms eat their business
IBM Watson
Internet of Things
Traditional Marketing
Data Breaches
Public Opinion
Consumer Information
(Opting Out)
Massive Breach
Big Data Industry
Business Implications

Hackers take personal information on a massive scale

Public outcry. Government involvement. Illegal to collect consumer data.

Drivers of Change
Collapse in Big Data could be the impetus to spur neuro-marketing
Drivers of Change
Company knowledge about consumers
Translates to effectiveness of Big Data in a retail setting
Signpost: Connection of Consumer Data
Signpost: Increase in transparency
Pending legislation attempting to thwart the rise of Big Data
Increase Transparency
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