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StudyBlue vs. Cram.com

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Rachel Schmidt

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of StudyBlue vs. Cram.com

StudyBlue.com is a free flashcard website that is also is an android and apple app.
You can add all the following to your flash cards:
Study modes include:
Review sheets
Tracks Progress
Organizes tools into your virtual backpack
Can collaborate with other classes/classmates
Background: StudyBlue.com
Cram.com is a free online and mobile app for studing flashcards
Can study a wide variety of academic flashcards online
Also can create your own flashcards to study
Has study activites such as
Memorization tool
ACT and other standarized test flashcards also inculded
Background: Cram.com
Both these sites have the ability to create your own flash cards
They also help you study with games, and have the ability to find other flashcards on the website to study
Study blue has more of a way to track progress than cram.com because of the 'virtual backpack' storage of all your created and tracks your progress.
StudyBlue vs. Cram.com
By: Rachel Schmidt
I recomend that studyblue.com is the best overall choice because of the tools it has on its website such as
It tracks your progress studying.
It sees how much you improve
And it is very orginized

Overall, this study site can help you get the best out of your learning!
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