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Google ISU

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areeb jafrani

on 14 June 2013

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Transcript of Google ISU

The Original founders
Early days of Google
Google Today
Adversities Today
Adversities Overcome
International Business
Google officially became a company on September 4th 1998.
Google was originally founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin.
Google began in 1996 as a university project.
Originally Sergey and Page did not intend to prioritize Google.
They didn't see it as something that could have been very profitable.
They attempted to sell it to for $1 million to the excite.com
The offer was rejected multiple times.
Now Google is worth over 100 billion dollars!
Google began as a mere science project and turned into a multibillion dollar company.
Today Google is a multi-billion

dollar company and is the most dominant search engine.
Additionally in December 2012 Google chrome has become the most used web browser.
In October 9th 2006 Google bought YouTube for 1.65 billion dollars.
Google is now seen as one of the greatest inventions in the electronic age.
1) Last year during the Samsung lawsuit Apple attempted to sue Google.
Regarding the software of Android.
The case was dropped due to insufficient evidence on Apple's behalf.

2) Google had to fight off the chinese government over it's source codes.

3) Google was able to catch up to the innovative mobile ability of Apple.
Google is the worlds leading search engine and web browser. The majority of money Google makes is through it's advertisements.
1) Many Google apps are not functioning as well as they should be.

2) They have to enlarge their servers to prevent crashes and speed up search times.
Google software is not limited to just North America, servers have been set up across the world.
Google offers many countries a variety of services.
Such as GMail which is available in all of Europe, North America and most of Asia and Africa
It is estimated that Google makes over has made over $10 billion US overseas alone.
Over 30% of the companies revenue is made overseas
Google has approximately made $500 million from Brazil alone.
b J

Larry Page
Lawrence "Larry" Page.
Born March 26, 1973.
He was studying for his PhD at Stanford.
During a Project he reasoned that current search engines were unreasonable
He along with Sergey theorized a new type of search engine.
So he created the Page rank system.
Google was founded 2 years later.
Larry is currently 40 years old
He is the current CEO of Google
Currently ranked as the 13th richest American
He and Sergey currently own 16% of all google stocks.
Sergey Brin
Born in Moscow, Russia
He moved to the USA in 1979
He attended the Maryland university for mathematics.
Later he went to Stanford to get a PhD in computer science.
Co-Founded Google while working on a school project.
Worked together with Page to create the Page rank system
His personal wealth is estimated to be about 20.3 billion.
Other Accomplishments
Google voice
Google maps
Google ad sense
Gmail and much more!
The Battle Over Code
Currently there are gigantic debates going on over Google's breach on privacy.

Also whether world governments should have free access to Google server information.

That however would be a breach over the North American Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Although many agencies consider Google a threat and should be void of the charter.
Why Is It Relevant
Google plays a major role in many peoples lives and in the community:
1) Google has donated over 1 BILLION dollars in technology to non profit organizations.

2) The company has donated over 100 million in disaster relief and education funds.
Google has over 50 000 employees who have helped in disaster relief project.

Putting in 100's of thousands of hours to relief projects.
In December of 2012, Google hit a revenue of $50 billion dollars.
Google shares are worth $852.63 ( this price is constantly fluctuating).
Google has to pay an income tax of 18%
90% of all Google profits are made by advertisements.
Google has a Net worth of over $200 billion .

Financial tables of Google:
Some successful ways Google has advertised is:
2) Through ads online, on TV and through other companies that use their software (Samsung and Htc).
1) They have promoted Google products by advertising on their own sites (YouTube)
However that's not all......
Google has been in many lawsuits with many countries over the information gathered on it's servers.
For example Google went into a lawsuit against the chinese government for regulating their server speed.
This happened because China saw Google as a threat so they tried to slow down Google services.
This made things like GMail and chrome store very slow.
However this was a violation of the international code of conduct and led to Google law case against the chinese government.
Google is a Corporation!
A corporation is a company that is composed and made up of shareholders.
Corporation like Google make money buy selling share to stockholders
Google is a multinational American corporation
Over 70000 people are employed by Google.
Originally Google was a private company but later became a public company.
Attention - Using a simple white background with only the logo in color is a very effective method of capturing the eye.
Interest - It begins by telling you of everything you can do if you use chrome.

Desire - Half way through it makes a gigantic list of everything chrome has to offer making you feel obliged to use chrome.

Action - At the very end it tells you that chrome is for everyone and is available everywhere.
4 Marketing
Google is mostly software engaged, however some physical products are offered as well.
Product - Google promotes all of it's products by always using a very simple packaging and by plastering its name everywhere it can.
Price - Google always tries to make it's products as cheap as possible so people feel more enticed to buy it's products.
Place - Google keeps everything available online so that you can view the product anywhere at anytime.
Promotion - Google uses all of it's branches to advertise it's products such as Google ads on YouTube.
Human Resources & Management
Google is known for engaging workers into giving ideas for improvement.
If the ideas are used then the employee that gave it receives compensation.
Human resources in Google is constantly training employees on how to use multiple types of computer software's.
Google's human resources receives about twice as many applicants Apple and Harvard receive in a single year.
Google last year received 75000 applicants when it launched a new program that could hire only 6000.
Google Uses a Democratic Leadership Style.
Target Market
Google has no real specific target market when it comes to it's search engine.
Google targets adults and teens through it's services like GMail and it's various electronics.
They do this by making you think Google does everything.
Making many companies feel obliged to advertise on Google.
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