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Corporate Travel Payment Solutions by CSI

CSI's globalVCard is the industry's most innovative payment solution that provides complete control over spending, enables easy reconciliation and ensures compliance with corporate travel policies.

CSI Enterprises

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Corporate Travel Payment Solutions by CSI

It's complicated!
Get to know CSI
When your employees
travel, they have many expenses...

that are paid for in many different ways.
And the financial management of these expenses?
CSI offers the travel industry's most
innovative payment solutions
Nearly 25 years of success
Award-winning technology
Trusted by some of the world's most iconic brands
First Class Service
Our customer's success is our top priority.
And it shows.

We are proud of our 100% client retention rate. Can any other bank or vendor say the same?

Welcome to CSI.
We're glad you're here.
Thank you for your time.
It would be our pleasure to help your
company optimize travel payments.
CSI globalVCard

that provide
complete control over spending
fraud reduction
integration with existing ERP and accounting systems
automated reconciliation with easy reporting any way you want to slice it:
by employee, by vendor, by trip
AND guaranteed savings with cash back rewards

Streamline vendor payments and earn
cash back rewards
Vendors are paid via a single-use virtual credit card number for an exact amount, similar to a check; automated payments are integrated into ERP with full workflow approvals and tracking

Guaranteed cash back rewards to your company, based on monthly virtual card spend
Multiple payment options including check writing and direct pay to meet all of your vendor payment needs
Mobile payments
Empower road warriors on-the-go with our
award-winning mobile app
Easy reconciliation and accountability - and always available at your fingertips, 24/7
Secure transactions can be completed within seconds, with no risk of lost or stolen cards; one-time use virtual card number for an exact dollar amount expires after processing
Corporate credit card
The ideal employee expense solution when
plastic cards are needed
One card number per employee enables easy reconciliation
Global acceptance through the MasterCard network
Control spending or block payments through the Web or mobile app
CSI MasterCard® Multi Card
CSI's product suite includes 3 solutions tailored for corporate travel, specifically designed to
streamline expense management
and increase profits.
Manage all travel expense needs from your smartphone, including the ability to approve/block payments
A 2012 survey by GBTA revealed
corporate travel managers waste
400,000 hours
$22.7 million
manually reconciling travel expense data
Effective use of electronic payment systems, designed specifically for corporate travel, can help companies
Words used to describe the
travel expense management process:
messy, inaccurate, confusing
control travel spend and save millions.
Welcome to CSI
believe they waste time managing data from multiple sources
have challenges reconciling differences in reports due to data formatting
do not trust that they have complete data
to calculate the total cost of a trip
Photo credit: Chip Bok, Bokbluster.com
Your complete
travel payment solution

The CSI globalVCard is issued by Regions Bank in the US and National Bank of Canada in Canada pursuant to license by MasterCard International Incorporated. MasterCard and the MasterCard Brand Mark are registered trademarks of MasterCard International Incorporated.
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