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Animal Extinction

No description

Alley Brennan

on 1 May 2012

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Transcript of Animal Extinction

Types of endangered and extinct species Species Extinction What are some types of endangered and extinct species Animals Quagga Extinct Passenger Pigeon Caspin Tiger Cave Lion Dodo Bird Tecpa Pupfish Thylacine Baiji River Dolphin Irish deer English Wolf Cave Bear Stellers Sea Cow Golden Toad Saber tooth Tiger Dinosaurs Endangered Animals Cause of Extinction What are the three main reasons animal go extinct? The three main reasons animal go extinct are :poaching,Pollution and Loss of habitat Short-tailed albatross Desert pupfish Big horn sheep Saber Tooth Tiger Leather Back Tutle Arroyo Toad Bald Eagle Gray Bat Cave Crayfish Pink Mucket Canada Lynx Gray Wolf Piping Plover Humpback Whale Whites catspaw How many species have gone extinct in Canada? Only 11 species have gone extinct in Canada Are all the causes of Extinction man made? No not all the causes of extinction are man made but the main reasons are. How can we stop Extinction. How is lossing species effecting the earth and how we live? How can we stop this? We can put our waste in the right bins We can car pool We can hire more officers to find the people who are poaching animals We can designate more area to consreve for species What mesures are being taken to help species recover? Baiji River Dolphin Can invasive species play a role in endangering the natural species? Yes because the invasive specie could eat the same food and maybe eat more Plants, animals and micro- organisms help keep the Earths atmosphere, climate, landscape and water in balance. The Canadian government is helping species at risk by co-ordinating the many groups that are interested in helping wildlife. Approximatly $40 million a year is invested in this cause By: Alley Brennan Polar Bear Polar bear
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