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All-Florida Academic Team

No description

Flo Rida

on 9 April 2015

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Transcript of All-Florida Academic Team

Malak Benkhadra
I went skydiving on my 21st birthday
Kane Magnuson
My favorite thing to do is write poems and make calligraphy
Megan Orlando
I have raised my 3 year old daughter while attending college full time
Leonia Hunt
I am almost done earning my private pilot certification
Cassandra Kroncke
I have a scar of a wishbone on my toe
Shelby Durden
I'm learning to play the ukelele
Jason Rosenfeld
I am an Eagle Scout
Katelynne Leman
I am transferring to The Kings College in NYC in August!
Crystal Ferone
I change diapers and study at the same time because that's how I roll
Matt Brodis
Sometimes I have long conversations with my dogs
Amy Bhatt
I will receive my A.A. degree before my high school diploma
Monika Lamud
I can't wait for high school to be over
Casey Mallett
I have played saxophone for 8 years
Katherine Romesser
I love to coupon
Nathalie Bazile
I'm addicted to chocolate
Savanna Kegel-Praesto
I wear a different flower in my hair every day
Lori Ciesielski
I am an animal lover. I have 9 dogs, 3 lizards, 1 ferret and fish.
Heather Taylor
I have a great Sling Blade impression
Madison Carter
I enjoy craft projects, bass fishing, and baking
Brandie Hyde
I have similar personality traits to Gandalf from LOTR
Brittany Wonka
I have been playing volleyball since I was in 4th grade
Vanessa Rodriguez
I have never traveled out of the state
Sarah Allen
I earned an "I believe you" award at dance competition
Kacie Miller
I can touch my nose with my tongue
Bethany Fralish
I was in the 2012 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
Ian Eberle
I post far too many pictures of my dogs on Instagram
Christina Land
I love 80's music and liver & onions
Ruth Anderson
I have worked as an actor for a murder mystery dinner show
Victoria Frisina
I am open water dive certified.
Yanik Etan
I am from St. Lucia
and I love chicken
Ana Oliveira-Beuses
I like to play the drums and read science fiction books
Rachel Skeen
I will be traveling to Swaziland Africa this summer
Erik Durneika
I am a competitive Ballroom DanceSport athlete who qualified for the USA Dance Nationals Youth category with my dance partner.
Helene Alt
I have spent time in
three different countries
Alexis Holsapple
I've been able to juggle since I was 7.
Valerie Wilson
I love animals and when I get bored driving I shout "Hello" to the birds and cows.
Trudi Waldbillig
I named our school's mascot!
Phabian Clarke
I enjoy the outdoors but I have never gone camping.
Emily Smith
I am a green belt in Karate
Anna Tripensee
I have performed in 4 community theater musicals
Marisol Pallante
I have competed in the spelling bee contest in Columbia
Angela Johnson
I enjoy going to concerts and dancing!
Muhammad Farooq
I am an author and an artist
Kylee Copeland
I have owned my own business since I was 17
Evelyn Rookey
I have amber colored eyes due to a pigment disorder
Amanda Tanner
I currently own over 2000 books
Carylanne Joubert
I have published three books
Robert Bitgood
I submerge my oreos in a glass of cold water instead of milk.
Sharon Leach
I've been happily married for 23 years and I'm a mother of two.
Mary Johnson
I run half-marathons.
Jarrett Fletcher
I went diving with a whale shark in Australia
Stephanie Moore
I started writing my first book when I was eleven.
Elizabeth Duteau
I am a Harry Potter Trivia expert.
Cami Yow
I hope to enter the Teach for America program after college.
Shareece Barnett
I am a Jamaican dancer
Gerry Victor
I competed at an International Student Convention in guitar performance and beat 4,000 competitors to take home first place in guitar
Patricia Medina
I have seven children and eight grandchildren.
Jonathan Gallego
I love to learn different languages; currently practicing my German.
Ivan Montoya
I like to read about the origins of life on Earth and in the cosmos.
Jessenia Cabrera
I love Kpop
Melissa Diaz
I was born in Colombia, South America
My passions are art photography and filmmaking
Alexandra Gagnon
I can bench over 300 pounds
Carlos De Jesus
I love playing basketball and soccer
Samuel Ejiofoh
I can play the piano and clarinet
Keysha Horn
I have Pastored a Church that meets in a bar for 10 years
David Sheil
I can burp the ABCs
Harley Kinnemand
I enjoy singing and sometimes randomly break out into song
Susan McCool
I receive emails from Harvard University
Richardson Postemice
I can make a dolphin noise
Rebecca Nash
I am an avid runner. I have had the pleasure of running half-marathons
Nerea Alvarez
My husband and I are Disney addicts
Tamara Staley
I have lived in three states: Florida, New York & Pennsylvania
Jonathan Jacques
I am a licensed pilot
Emma Cardinal
I have taught and competed in American Standard Ballroom dancing including Fox Trot, Waltz, and Tango
Jana McDermott
In my spare time I enjoy watching countless hours of VICE news documentaries and The Young Turks youtube channel.
Danielle Barker
Ruben De La Cruz
I can solve a Rubik's Cube with one hand
I am kind of a crazy cat lady
Karen Poole
I've flown across the Bermuda Triangle
Eileen Colon
I created a body image and self-esteem workshop
Brigitte Madan
Valeria Siegrist
I was born and raised in Argentina
All-Florida Academic Team
Awards Ceremony

April 9th 2015 | 11:30 a.m.
Donald L. Tucker Civic Center

Sara Knollinger
I raised and showed Hampshire Sheep growing up
Matthew Willis
I have set multiple obstacle course records.
Zeinab Noureddine
My last name means "light of faith" in Arabic
Kentucky Costellow
I studied abroad in the Amazonian rainforest!
Jacelyn Macip Billbe
I speak three languages
Matt Brodis
Sometimes I have long conversations with my dogs
Charity Noble
I love to run and paint!
Edwin Barbot
I enjoy cooking for family and friends, my specialties are Hot Wings and Flan
I love to try new things and I am really passionate about board games and sports!
Bibin Abraham
Who are the members of the
All-Florida Academic Team, really?

Team Members!

Megan Hodges
I have traveled to seven foreign countries and I will visit three more this summer.
Animesh Patel
I really like Calculus and Physics
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