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No description

Ulli Vogel

on 26 October 2014

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Transcript of NOT ABOVE THE LAW

1. Summaries
Introduction (p. 1)
Chapter 1-13 (p. 2-14)
2. Characterizations (p. 15)
3. Comment

chapter one
By Jiyan
-It is found a lifeless body
-Probably she called Orla Quinn
-Time of the death is last night
-has a lot of cuts in her body

chapter three
By Ulli
- takes place in George Keegan
-the flat dirty of blood
-Keegan cleans the flat
-can't remember last night
-he sees in the TV that his girl friend is dead.

chapter four
By Ulli
- police men are in George's flat
-Keegan is lying at them and says it would be last night
nothing especially
-the police men are searching in the flat
-find no blood, but a handkerchief with chloroform
-Keegan is taken to the police station
chapter six
By Nick
- Murphy and Lynch talking about what keegan told
- Keegan isn't the murderer.
- want to ask Keane questions
chapter seven
-Murphy and Lynch asking Keane questions.
- sent to prison because of Keegan.
- knocked at the door and Keane was allowed to go
By Jiyan
- George Keegan woke up on Friday morning
chapter eight
- Sullivan getting George out of prison
- Visit orla at her work place
- Thought about who killed orla

chapter five
By Ulli
- Keegan is in the police station
- tells the truth
- police men are skeptical
- another suspect is Geraldine Keane
By Nick
chapter nine
By Marvin
- Lynch and Murphy at Orlas flat
- Somebody came in and run away
- Found flowers with a message
chapter ten
By Marvin
- George was at Orlas flat
-Michael called George
-George told Michael about the flowers
chapter eleven
chapter twelve
By Cara
By Cara
chapter thirteen
By Cara
By Marvin
Tatort = Scene of the crime
Untersuchung = investigation
Verdächtigen = (to) suspect
Haustür = doorstep
erwähnen = (to) mention
skeptisch = skeptical
lügen = (to) lie
Verrat = betrayal
liiert = engaged
Einkommen = income

George Keegan
By Ulli
- one of the main persons
- young male
- living in Dublin
- is engaged with Orla Quinn
- Michael Sullivan is the former best friend of Keegan
- is a lawyer
- good income
- many enemies
Michael Sullivan
By Jiyan
- Michael was the best-friend of George Keegan
Inspector Murphy
By Nick
- clear thinking person
- loves coffee
- clear structure by checking a room
- relaxed in every situation
Comment about the betrayal from George Keegan
- Michael Sullivan is betrayal Gearge Keegan
- say he is best firend
- helps Keegan finding the murderer
- Sullivan is the murderer
By Nick
chapter two
By Jiyan
Orla Quinn
By Nick
- She is a young woman
-Georges Girlfriend
-Was a Lawyer
-Was murdered
- written in (British English) by Richard MacAndrew
-Cambridge University published the book in 2010
-the book is about a lawyer, who lives in Dublin
-the lawyer George Keegan is suspected of killing his girlfriend Orla Quinn
-George can't remember what happened the night when she was killed
-he confused woke up in his own bed, which was full with blood
-his flat was full with blood, everywhere was blood
-the Corpse of Orla was found by the police officers Sean Murphy and Tara Lynch
-he slowly realize that he was at home

-he noted that his hand and his bed felt wet, it was blood
-he cleaned himself and his flat, because everywhere is blood
-he can't remember what happened
-he didn't call the police
-he called Orla Quinn his girlfriend, but no reply
-then he called his friend Michael Sullivan, which told him that he was in the bar O'Garas with friends and that he and Orla left the bar at 11 O'clock
-he looked in his diary, he read that he was in the bar O'Garas last night
-he plays a important role in the book
-he lives in Dublin/Ireland
-he was a lawyer
-he has betrayed his best-friend
-he was amorous in Orla Quinn
-he killed Orla
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