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Jane Goodall

No description

Laura Flanagan

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall
she loves Rivers,
Jane's Sister
Jane's Mom
My Life with the Chimpanzees
by Jane Goodall

How many of these can you find? :)

Jane's dad
Jane as
a little girl
Rusty the dog
that she knew
She loves
Wild Animals
Jane Goodall's Life
With parents and sister
and Nature
She likes digging fossils, and imagining that the animal whos bones she is holding is alive and right next to her.
Jane was born in London
on April 3, 1934
and grew up in Bournemouth
on the southern
coast of England.
She loved books. Her favorites were the stories of Doctor Doolittle and The Story of Tarzan.
When she was little
she watched a chicken
lay an egg and became
so mesmorized with what she saw,
that she didn't realize
that her mom was looking for her
and almost called the police.
One day she read about a man who was reseaching the behavior of ducks. During his research he discovered that ducklings follow their mothers by listening to their quacks. The man tried quacking and waddling and the ducklings followed him. This gave her an idea, that the world of animals is much closer to the human world than we think. It inspired her to research animals.
Jane's school friend Clo had invited her to travel with her to Kenya for two months. While being there she met a famous paleontologist, Louis Leakey who she started working with, researching chimpanzees.
Armed with nuts and bannanas Jane started working with chimps from a campsite, she built near a beach. Eventually a chimpanzee came close to steal her bannas. This was the begining of her work, observing chimpanzees. She met a lot of chimps and began naming them with human names, like Fifi, Flo and Flint.
During her research she discovered that chimpanzees like humans use tools to accomplish tasks, for example: removing a twig from a tree, stripping off leaves and placing it in a termite mound, removing the stick with termites and eating them. Scientists didn't believe Jane that chimps are capable of using tools, thinking she taught them to do this.
Louis Leakey wanted Jane
to go back to England,
and get her degree
in Cambrigde University,
so she could continue
to study chimps,
and write about them.
She did that and got her
doctorate in ethology.
Jane promoted animal research throughout the world. She also wrote many books, like "In the Shadow for Man" and "Reason for Hope", contributed to making National Geographic films. She received many awards, including being named the Commander of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II.
Hugo van Lawick, Jane's son is a photographer who took many pictures of chimpanzees for his mother.
Jane Goodall is 80 years old. She has been named a Messenger of Peace by the UN (United Nations).
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