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All About Me.

Zippity beep bop, and Christofer Reeves.

Salsa Taco

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of All About Me.

My Job Well, I don't have a full - time job
currently, but I do have a
yearly job at the MN. State Fair. I hope
to later go on to work
at other fairs as well. My Family Well, this is us, in.. Yeah this is us. Well, as you have hopefully taken note, I do not wish to remain serious at all times. Le Daily Life My life consists of four major categories. I Like to watch movies. Le Hobbies Some About Bob the Builder Just kidding, All About Me! L I K E A B O S S Well, Let's start with the basics. Anyways... So Many of Them! This is Me. In the car. But That Doesn't really matter, so... Batman is like somewhere over there. I Like to make videos and movies. I like to play sports. I like to play music. I like to build things. One of my favorite movies is batman. And another great movie: Gladiator I'm Italian. Boxing: #1 Soccer #2 Well, I'm not THAT good if you're wondering... Yeah I also do not wish to remain awkward,... so I have put together absolutely nothing. For the record. In case you cared to know. Which you probably didn't And then I died. But Then I lived! And so basically.. That's my story. And another great movie: Another great movie: Gladiator That is one big bird... I, strangely, felt obligated to put
this on here. Been staying up late putting prezis and things together a lot lately. That's my story. That's my story. That's my story. That's my story. And Young Frankenstein Le Favorite Actors Liam Neeson Sylvester Stallone Chuck Norris Russell Crowe Jack Black School of Rock Rocky, This Prezi Was Made By: Thank you, you've probably been a wonderful audience. #1: Work #2: Sleep #4: Party #3 Eat Probably. Le Basics: My name is Nate R. Smisson I was born some time in the future.. Wait no, in le May. On the 12th In 1602 Le NIcknames: Dr. Taco Rocky You Taco Him Me Le Favorites: Fav. word: eventually Fav. color: Metallic Silver Le Fav. food: Le homestyle pizza Okay, so I really like boxing, the song, and pranking people. Le me Le Gabe Le Lydia Le Mom Le Dad Le Christiana
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