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How To Kick A Soccer Ball And Score A Goal

I will show you how to do this but you'll have to follow these simple steps.

Karina Jimenez

on 15 December 2012

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Transcript of How To Kick A Soccer Ball And Score A Goal

Lets get started ! SOCCER Step 6 When you think you are good at kicking the ball you can show other people. Step 5 You just made a goal! Step 4 If you feel confident on your self with scoring a goal then get a simple soccer goal to get started. Step 3 When you get to the ball kick it towards your target. Step 2 You need to get soccer ball of course. Step 1 You have to have the right shoes which are cleats. You have to wear shin guards with long socks. You have to check if your shoe laces are tied You also need to wear shorts and a sports shirt. This is the first step to be ready to kick a soccer ball You also have to get a goal to score but first get something as a target so you can practice your aiming. You put the soccer ball on the floor and step away from it about 3 or 4 feet away from it. You have to jog slow and when you get closer to the soccer ball jog a little faster! Try your hardest to hit your target that's your goal. Keep doing this until you hit your target a couple times When you;re done hitting your target a couple times then you are ready to try to score a goal. If you're still not ready just keep hitting your target Making a goal is like the same thing as you did in step 4 except that ow u have a soccer goal. Just concentrate on the goal aim towards the place you want to score, but you get really concentrated. When you feel confident just keep the ball towards your aiming place. If you didn't then just keep practicing you won't always get it the first time. Even if you made a goal just keep practicing you aiming so you can get better. Don't show them if you don't know how to yet. Make sure to tell the person that you are showing how to kick the ball to take their time don't make them rush. You'll be famous!
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