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Science Fair

No description

eleni galanopoulos

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of Science Fair

Experimental Design
The Effect of Five Hour Energy and Red Bull Have on Your Heart Rate
Background Research
5 hour energy
Red Bull
By: Olivia Marks and Eleni Galanopoulos
Bar Graphs
Average Heart rate before drinking 5 Hr. Energy : 74 p/m
Average Heart Rate After drinking 5 Hr. Energy: 83 p/m
Average Heart Rate Before drinking Red Bull : 74 p/m
Average Heart Rate After
Drinking Red Bull : 76 p/m
The purpose of this project is to see the leading effects of energy drinks such as, Red Bull and 5 Hour Energy, have on your heart rate.

The two main ingredients in the two drinks are

is in an amino acid that supports neurological development and helps regulate the level of water and mineral salts in the blood.

acts as a central nervous system stimulant, temporarily brushing off drowsiness and restoring alertness
Our question is what effect does 5 Hour Energy and Red Bull have on your heart rate?

For this experiment, we tested twenty volunteers to see how Red Bull and 5 Hour Energy affected their heart rate using a heart rate monitor. To conduct this experiment there will need to be two trials. Trial one we’ll be testing with the Red Bull. Trial two we’ll be testing with the 5 Hour Energy. To conduct this experiment we recorded the volunteer's heart rate before consuming the energy drink then, the twenty volunteers drank a Red Bull; one hour later the heart rates of the volunteers were recorded. A week later we conducted the experiment using 5 Hour energy following the same procedure, recording the heart rates. We also recorded the ages of our volunteers for both experiments. After that, we organized the information we gathered into a table. The purpose of the table is to compare the results we got from both Red Bull and 5 Hour Energy.
In conclusion, our hypothesis was correct, that 5 Hour Energy increased your heart rate more than Red Bull. Facts can prove that 5 Hour Energy has more effective ingredients but, they can both can bring harm to ones self. If we were to do something different we would record if any of the volunteers had heart conditions. This is important because heart conditions will change the heart rate after consuming the energy drinks. Also, we should have recorded the serving they drank which was a full medicine cup 30 ml.
it 3
5 hour energy and Red Bull present..


The independent variables 5 Hour Energy and Red Bull.

The Dependent Variable is ones' heart rate.

The control variables are the amount of energy drink you consume and the people we are testing on. To make the experiment as accurate as possible we wanted to make sure we used the same person for both trials.
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questions ?
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Our hypothesis is that 5 hour energy will be more effective than Red Bull because after doing research we found that 5 Hour Energy hold the same amount of caffeine as a 12 oz. cup and Red Bull a 8 oz. cup. We hypothesized that 5 Hour Energy will have a more extreme effect on your heart rate because of it's levels of caffeine compared to Red Bull.
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