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Albania prezi

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on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Albania prezi

By: Mimi and Andres
5th Grade
Ms. Natalies class
Shipria: Albania
Prime Minister
Bujar Nishani

Edi Rama
Information About the Leaders Background
Bujar Nishani became president of Albania in 2012, replacing Bamir Topi. Bujar Nishani is in charge of the legal system and he is also commander of Albanias armed forces. Edi Rama was mayor of Tirana before he became prime minister of Albania.
Different parts and positions of government and what they do
The Executive branch: approves or vetos the laws. The Legislative branch: creates the laws.
The Judicial branch interprets the laws

Does The Government Involve
Religion ?
NO the government does not Involve
How are the leaders chosen ?
The leaders are chosen by people voting for them.
Who Works with the Leader ?
The prime minister and the administration both work with the president
Are there different political groups ?
Do they get along?
Yes there different political groups. There is the Democratic party the Socialist party and the Union for Human Rights party.
The End
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