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gabby Habitat for Humanity

info report on Habitat for Humanity.

Lyndsay Janzen

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of gabby Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity Where does Habitat work? the places habitat is helping are, africa & middle east, asia & pacific, europe & central asia, u.s. & canada. thats at least 100 countries. H.H. ( Habitat for Humanity) is an international organization and that's main purpose is to give houses and shelter to poor people. some problems Habitat helps fix Ireland and some other countries have the problem that house prices have risen while others have the problem that families are unable to live in a price that they can afford. How did H.H. help in Haiti & Chile? H.H. is going to help in Haiti & Chile because of the earth quakes by, addressing immediate relief efforts and long-term shelter solutions for low-income families. What materials does Habitat use to build houses? H.H. uses many materials all depending on where the house is built. Some of the materials are Metal, Plastic, Wood, cement, glass, Paint, Tiles and Tubes. The houses in Thailand are typically 36 sq.m. each in size, the design features the use of concrete interlocking blocks or concrete hollow blocks with a tiled roof.H.H. also builds wooden stilt houses with metal sheet roofs in southern Thailand. Steve weir is Habitats vice president for Asia and pacific. About Canada H.H.Canada was the first Habitat organization outside the U.S. Currently, H.H.Canada has 52 active worksites. H.H.Canada was organized in 1985. How did help Habitat the victoms from the tsunami in Thailand? On the 26 of December 2004 there was a tsunami in Thailand. H.H. helped by providing shelter and housing kits. About 10,000 people were affected and 4,812 people died. Some scientists invented a buoy that gives an early warning about tsunamis. Habitat for Humanity is a huge worldwide organization designed to give humanity shelter. As H.H. grew they started giving emergency aid, and who knows but maybe they’ll start doing something else soon! other places habitat helps H.H. is helping a lot of places like the U.S. Habitat has helped the lives of more than 30,000 people in the U.S. Another place Habitat helps I s Chile, in 2001, and by March 2002, the first three homes were built in Caldera. Habitat has now assisted over 3,500 families in Chile. 200 families in Chile are still at risk, even though H.H. Chile has built over 16.4 million homes.
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