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Adolf Hitler by, Bella

No description

Karen Kelly

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Adolf Hitler by, Bella

Adolf Hitler By: Isabella Siering His Youth Adolf Hitler was born in Austria, on April 20, 1889. His family eventually moved to Germany. He always dreamed of being an artist, so, as he grew older, he traveled the streets of Vienna, Austria, painting different scenes of the beautiful city. He applied for many jobs as an artist, but never got accepted. Rise to power He soon wanted to become leader of Germany. In 1933, Germany's president, Paul von Hindenburg appointed Hitler chancellor of Germany. From here on, Hitler started to take over. The Nazi Party Hitler joined a group of people known as the Nazi party. This group of people had a strong hatred for Jewish people, because they didn't think Jews were a human race. These horrible people tried to eliminate whole groups of people, such as the jews. ..... The Nazis sectioned off parts of Germany, which they named "Ghettos," which were communities where only the Jews lived. When Ghettos got to big and populated, the Nazis would send the Jews off to places called concentration camps. Concentration camps/Holocaust Jews would be taken to these camps, and were forced to form two lines, the line to the left would lead straight to the gas chambers, big chambers filled with poisonous gas, that would kill the innocent people. The Jews were forced to go in naked, and they would be locked in the chambers, then killed. The bodies would then be burned. The lines to the right led to harsh labor. Usually strong looking men were forced to leave their families and go to the lines to the right, where they would eventually starve to death, be tortured, and eventually they would die. The prisoners who went to the lines to the right had to wear prisoner clothes, and were tattooed a number by the German officers so that they would be noticed and recognized. Gas Chambers When the Nazis realized that the allied forces had won the war, and were heading toward Germany, the Nazis decided to burn bodies, and try to cover up the gruesome things they had done to millions of people. When the allied forces marched into the camps to rescue the rest of the few people that were left, they couldn't believe their eyes, seeing piles and piles of dead bodies, and many belongings, such as shoes, glasses, and books stacked up. Hitler and his wife, Eva Braun were found dead in their bunker on April 30, 1945. Sources say that he shot himself, and his wife ingested cyanide. Overall, Hitler was a horrible man that committed horrible things, and almost destroyed humanity.
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