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Our teenage life

Introduction Hi, I'm Lena. As you probably know, we are exchange students from Germany and today we want to show you how our lives almost 4500 miles away from here looks like. Most of you will have a picture like that in mind when they are thinking o

Lena Nuvolin

on 18 April 2016

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Transcript of Our teenage life

- vacation with family and friends
- house party
- carnival
School stuff
night life
Image by Tom Mooring
our teenage life
extracurricular activities
family, friends and free time
- doing homework

- chess club
- choir
- orchestra
trips and vacation
- shopping trips
- camping
- go swimming, cinema...
- meet at home
free time
- studying
- projects and presentations
- tidying up
- dispelling dishwasher
- laying the table
- helping with laundry
Get drivers license in Germany
- clubs, discos
- festivals
- Halloween
- Oktoberfest
- debating
- instruments
- church
- family events
- Casa Verde
- 15: moped license
- 17: with an adult
- 18: drivers license
- 13: simple work
babysitting, tutoring, delivering newspaper
2 hours
- 15: simple work + during holidays
8 hours a day, 4 weeks a year
- 16: full time
only if done with school
going out rules
- 15: 10 pm
- 16: 12 pm
- 18: no limit
alcohol and smoking
- 16: beer, wine, champagne
- 18: all other alcoholic beverages + smoking
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