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The Work of Leadership

Leading Change through Accountability

Claudia Parulo

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of The Work of Leadership

Leaders to strike balance between pushing for change and avoid stress. Maintain productive level of tension Leading in a Culture that fosters innovation and embraces accountabilty The Work of Leadership today Big picture:
Changes within the Company.
Aggressive growth strategies.
Creating an innovative all-inclusive culture while maintaining identity in brand and values. Objective: Develop a culture that fosters innovation and embraces accountability. Lead through adaptive challenges. Get on the Balcony! Look at the business patterns.
Look at your team's performance
Move between action of the daily work and the view of the results
Get perspective instead of being caught up in the happenings. On the balcony Keeping Promises.
Paying attention to what matters.
Assuming Stewardship of important business challenges
Being held responsible for results. Accountability for everybody See the challenges.
Evaluate what change needs to happen (within a department, team, hotel)
Regulate distress
Maintain disciplined attention
Instill accountability and confidence How to? Create a communication environment.
Provide by leading effectively.
Have presence and poise.
Find your own outlet.
Set an example in your reaction to your leader. Confront tough trade offs, conflicts and feelings
Work avoidance is real
Focus minus distractions
Let people take initiative
everybody to take responsibility for the outcome of their work
Have a voice and speak up Real World Accountability How will YOU get there? Innovation means giving talented people the training, tools and support they need to challenge the status quo today and see more clearly tomorrow. It means creating a culture where employees can see around the corner and lead the way there. Innovation Regulate Distress
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