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Tera Murray

on 15 April 2016

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Transcript of PBIS at NJHS

Consistency is Key

PBIS is not JUST Preventative
Students are taught what's expected of them. Then the expectations are
. Success is
acknowledged and students who don't follow expectations get
What is it?
Similar to Professional Learning Community
4 Essential Questions
How do we expect ALL of our students to behave? (goals/expectations)
How will we know they are behaving according to expectations? (assessment)
How will we respond when they don't behave? (intervention)
How will we respond when they do? (recognition)
PBIS is ONLY Effective with buy-in. All adults must agree on expectations, or it will not work!
PBIS is data-driven
Discipline data will be collected to determine:
what behavioral expectations need to be taught or retaught
if any interventions or systems need to be modified
PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports and uses evidence-based strategies to:
Decrease problem behaviors
Increase safety
Establish positive school culture
Possibly increase academic performance
All students need to understand what is expected of them
Some students will need interventions to stay on track
Fewer students will need intensive interventions
PBIS is Prevention-Oriented
Consistency is Key!
Based on our staff survey results, 76% of us think that addressing current student behavior needs to be a priority.
Our Data in Developing PBIS
Our Data Continued...
91% of us believe it is important we are
with expectations.

So, here's what we've done...

Common School-Wide Behavior Expectations
We Came Up With ....
We have developed
behaviors for each expectation for all areas of the school.
For example, what does "being safe" look like in the classroom? In the common areas? In the cafeteria? In the office?
More than 80% of us believe that addressing disrespectful behavior (student/staff and student/student) is a high priority.
PBIS will address this by:
Developing common,
ways to address disrespectful behavior
Explicitly teaching students what respectful behavior looks like across campus using common engaging lessons, videos and activities created by the PBIS team; lessons will be taught to all students the first week of school and retaught throughout the year.
Keeping consequences for disrespectful behavior
in all areas of the campus
Recognizing students who demonstrate respectful behavior using rewards and incentives
Hanging signs that remind students of school rules and expectations
Finally, 91% of us said we are willing to participate in a positive behavior reward system.
ROAR Acknowledgment
Quarterly Assembly Recognizing Winners
Student of the Quarter
Renaissance Stickers
MVPs for each sports team (at the close of the season)
Perfect Attendance
In our first year of PBIS, implementation will focus entirely on Tier 1 which benefits all students.
If we implement Tier 1 with fidelity, we move on to Tier 2 in the second year, and then Tier 3 in the third.
Year-End Awards at NJHS
End-Of-Year Presentation Banquet, Invitation-Only
Cougar (cub) of the Year
Department Promotion Awards for 7th and 8th Graders
Cougar Spirit Award
Perfect Attendance
Student Spirit Award
Athlete of the Year
Regular Positive Rewards at NJHS
Cougar Coupons
Picking up Trash
Helping a student or a teacher
Following the Rules
Behaving Above the Line
Being Respectful, Responsible or Safe

Scholar of the Week
Improvement in Scholarly Effort (shy student speaking up, high performance, on target on task, on time)

Expectation Buttons
Handed out monthly to 2 most deserving students

Research That Supports the PBIS Outcomes
The PBIS team and Administration Team have developed a discipline flow chart and a revised referral form to promote
in all areas of the campus.

We will spend an entire staff PD reviewing and discussing these systems
the start of next school year.
Year 1 Focus
Go Cougars!
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