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The early years of the radio technology began early in the 1

No description

Sugar Mouse

on 20 June 2017

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Transcript of The early years of the radio technology began early in the 1

Radios have been one of the more important technological devices for more than a century. From their beginnings in the early 1800's until the new developments in recent years, radios have helped to provide communication as well as entertainment throughout the society of many cultures.
The early years of the radio technology began early in the 1800s, but the actual invention cannot be attributed to only one person. During this time period, several inventors created and improved upon the technology that became the radio as we know it today. Once referred to as “wireless telegraphy,” radio technology has always included electronic signaling between a transmitter and one or more receivers. In order to accomplish this, there are many several pieces of technology that fit together. Radios came mostly into popularity because of the World Wars. The radio kept everyone calm and made sure they knew what was going on. It helped the prime ministers keep in contact with the outside world and told everyone that 'England will win!'
The radio helped us win the war as it encouraged people and calmed them.
How Radios Changed Our Lives.
Today's environmental awareness dictates that all waste be disposed of properly. Most byproducts from the construction of a radio can be reclaimed. The etching solutions used in the printed circuit board manufacture are sent to chemical reclamation centers. Scraps from the leads of electronic components are sent to metal waste recovery centers where they are melted to create new products.
Environmentally friendly.
It's mobile can be carried at any place

It will update you with or the recent news

It will keep entertaining you with songs.

Last but not least, it is free to listen to.
Only Audio and Video, will obstruct creativity!

Lack of Connectivity issue.

Less content and more irritating Ads

Less numbers of Channel.
To improve the radio, a picture could be added so you can see whats going on, like a portable TV.
Another improvement could be to not use as many ads, as they are less interesting because you have to listen to them not watch them.
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