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Sarah Nightlace

on 3 December 2014

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Effects of Climate Change
Causes of Climate Change
Wednesday, December 3, 2014
Vol MMXCIII, No. 444
What is Climate Change?
How Can We Prevent Climate Change?

Rise in Water Levels

How Do We Know It is Happening ?
The Evidence

40% of the worlds' electrical supply

Simply, climate change is caused from the emission of carbon dioxide, as humans are releasing more and more into the atmosphere every single day.
Here are the ways we are releasing carbon dioxide:
• Humans have a strong need for both wood and paper products.
• Because of this, we are cutting down more and more trees and destroying ecosystems.
• By deforestation, vast quantities of carbon dioxide are released into the air and the amount of oxygen released decreases.
Methane (Greenhouse Gas) Emission from Animals

Burning Gasoline for Transportation

Some of the long term effects
of climate change include:
melting glaciers
rising sea levels
heat waves
heavier storms, droughts, and floods
economical consequences
conflicts and wars
destruction of ecosystems
loss of biodiversity (extinction of endangered species)
Destruction of Ecosystems
Dramatic increases in carbon dioxide
Ecosystems risk losing fresh water supplies, clean air, energy resources, food and medicine.
Loss of Biodiversity
By 2050, if the temperature rises by 2 to 11.5 degrees Celsius, approximately 30% of plants and animals will become extinct

We cannot prevent climate change but, we can help reduce the effects of climate change. There are plenty of things that we can do to reduce the effects of climate change. Things as simple as:
Switching our lightbulbs to ENERGY STAR lightbulbs
and switching off unused appliances in the house.
Start to use renewable energy (wind, water and sun)
Reduce coal usage
75% less heat, 75% less energy
lasts longer

21.7% of the worlds' electrical generation
leaves a positive impact

Burning Fossil Fuels for Electricity


Group 1- Ameena, Sarah, Mayura, Nicky, Mohna, Linda and Mina

Thank you! :)
ENERGY STAR Lightbulbs
Renewable Energy
Eat and buy food wisely
Consume less meat products
Composting kitchen scraps
Use solar

Grow vegetables
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