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30 Simple Systems


30 Simple Systems

on 26 June 2013

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Transcript of 30 Simple Systems

Our Master Plan, Your Business Success!
30 Simple Systems
What is 30 Simple Systems?
30 Simple Systems
Our Master Plan! Your Business Success!
The Master Plan:
Develop a customized, business adapted, Operations Manual and Team Environment for systematic effort to perfect the company’s processes.
Online content:
Access to online files, diagrams, task-lists, videos, and others, anytime, anywhere.
A Step-by-Step Program:
With real-world examples, step-by-step tasks and explanations for an intuitive learning on how a business should work.
A Selection of Best Practices:
Implement proven and tested business management best practices in Leadership, Administration, Finances, Marketing, Customer Fulfillment, that will inspire our clients to create a High-Performance Environment.
Online Support:
Innovative web-based solution with
follow up calls and e-mails to help you stay
on track and get there.
How 30 Simple Systems Works?
30 Simple Systems
Our Master Plan! Your Business Success!
Our business development program provides our clients how to:
Create a customized operations manual
Implement the right vision
Set clear goals
Define market segmentation
Systematize business processes
Implement key financial analysis
Use top recruiting processes
Better time management
Integrated marketing planning
Create high performance teams
and other simple business systems!
Our Web Site
30 Simple Systems
Our Master Plan! Your Business Success!
His knowledge combines the Best Business Practices of small and large corporations, enabling him to demonstrate to Small Business Owners what they have to do to grow and one day become a larger business.
Mr. Bardeen specializes in helping businesses develop Operations Manuals, including 1) Leadership Documentation, 2) Organizational Charts, 3) Position Agreements, 4) Action Plans, and 5) Policies and Procedures. He received his MBA from the University of California, Haas School of Business, Berkeley, in 1976, and is an expert in Small Business Finance. Over the past 12 years, Bardeen Business Consulting has been privileged to help more than 100 business owners increase their revenues and profits, and get better organized, enabling these business owners to get "free" of their businesses and to have "more life".
Know-How & Experience
30 Simple Systems
Our Master Plan! Your Business Success!
Know- How & Experience
This methodology has been developed and improved over the last 20 years by our Consultant Partner, Mr. Tom Bardeen.
Thomas O. Bardeen is one of the leading Small Business Consulting Professionals in the United States. He worked as a Senior Consultant for Michael Gerber's E-Myth Worldwide from 1993 to 1998, and as a licensee to that organization from 1998 to 2008. Before that Tom worked for Bank of America and American Savings Bank (now Washington Mutual).
Who Is Using It?
30 Simple Systems
Our Master Plan! Your Business Success!
Small Business Owners
Managers and team leaders
Our Mission
After reading several statistic reports from past years we couldn't believe the numbers.
So we decided we had to check them and talk to real entrepreneurs, real people with real businesses.
So, after 80 plus personal interviews and more than 200 surveys later, these are some of the facts we came up:
Only 30% of startups survive after 4 years!
Only 20% of entrepreneurs claim to have time for themselves and their families!
Even in successful businesses, top managers live under tremendous amount of stress due to lack of organization, systematized processes and proper delegation!
Entrepreneurs are often good technicians but lack the skills in business management!
About 60% of business managers and entrepreneurs report that it’s hard to recruit and retain good employees!
Why We Develop 30 Simple Systems
30 Simple Systems
Our Master Plan! Your Business Success!
Easy to follow
Adaptable to every business
Simple to implement
Very affordable (premium low-cost)
With deep impact on companies organization and results
Idea / Value Proposition
30 Simple Systems
Our Master Plan! Your Business Success!
An online business development program that helps companies create a Master Plan in the top 5 business areas:
Customer Fulfillment
Our Master Plan, Your Business Success!
Our Master Plan, Your Business Success!
Help entrepreneurs and small business owners
to increase the entrepreneurial projects success rate
Our Master Plan, Your Business Success!
Our Master Plan, Your Business Success!
Our Master Plan, Your Business Success!
Our Master Plan, Your Business Success!
Our Master Plan, Your Business Success!
Simple, Affordable and Impactful!
Leadership area:
accomplish success as a true leader, with well defined company Mission and Objectives and highly committed and motivated employees.
Administration area:
perfectly organized business, your team working like an orchestra, with accountability, commitments and timelines for everyone.
Finance area:
cash-flow management, short and long term indicators to guarantee business survival and plan for significant growth, well-defined key indicators to measure your business performance daily.
Marketing area:
increase sales conversion ratio, tell the entire world what makes your business unique and why should they be doing business with you.
Customer Fulfillment area:
exceed your client’s expectations every time.
30 Simple Systems
How Our Clients Win
Our Master Plan, Your Business Success!
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