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drug addiction; silvia duran and laura sepulveda

drug addiction in these years has been a field that young and want to experience every day brought its consequences

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Transcript of drug addiction; silvia duran and laura sepulveda

Drug Addiction marijuana. Marijuana is a drug that is already used for several decades
hallucinogens. Those drugs that affect our senses and make us perceive things differently with our eyes
Cocaine is an alkaloid, a stimulant that makes the person consuming the drug feel more active, stronger, more energetic.
Opioids. A drug that has been used for several decades. Remain valid today, are very dangerous drugs with addictive power rather important DRUGS common in teens Usually the diagnosis of drug addiction can do a pediatrician, psychologist or trained in these aspects. But in reality it is a medical diagnosis, many pediatricians or specialists overlook the possibility that the youth is addicted to drugs or alcohol, because when the young man comes in the query is not under the influence of that substance and finding no evidence of drugs or alcohol in their clinical, ignores this diagnostic possibility. HOW DRUG DIAGNOSED? is used to describe a pattern of use of substances known
as drugs. This pattern continued driving
problems or concerns we define drug addiction Drug addiction the individual carries serious physical and mental damage. The addict loses the best of himself, self-control and willpower. Becomes apathetic, disinterested, anxious. Lose the stimulus for personal and professional achievements.
In the social area, the most serious consequences of drug use are likely the marginalization and crime.
The family of an addict often is overwhelmed in an attempt to address the problem as they produce criminal behavior. CONSEQUENCES TO DRUG ADDICTION No single treatment but will depend on the physician's experience, the type of drug and the time of use. Importantly outpatient treatment methods are also within a hospital. On many occasions when it is too much dependence, hospitalization is recommended a lot to pass the time sharper and harder and then continue with outpatient treatment outside the hospital

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