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A Lesson Before Dying: Symbols

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Alyssa Kaczynski

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of A Lesson Before Dying: Symbols

A Lesson Before Dying: Symbols
Alyssa Kaczynski &
Annie Sullivan

Ice Cream
Brought out a calmness in Jefferson
"Ain't never had enough ice cream. Never had more than a nickel cone. Used to run out in the the quarter and hand the ice cream man my nickel, and he give me a little scoop on a cone. But now I'm go'n get me a whole gallon. That's what i want- a whole gallon. Eat it with a pot spoon". pg 170
"He smiled now because he had something pleasant to look forward to, though it would be on the last day" pg 171
Sycamore Tree
A way for Jefferson to escape from dealing with reality when people visited him in his jail cell
"After a while he raised his head, but he didn't look at me; he looked at the barred window. From the cell, all yo could see were the yellow leaves on the sycamore tree and the pale-blue sky between the leaves." pg 82
"I gazed out the window, at the yellow leaves on the sycamore tree. The leaves were still as if they were painted there. Between the leaves I could see bits of pale-blue sky." pg 84
Jail Cell
The jail cell signifies Jefferson being treated as an animal
"The cell was roughly six by ten, with a metal bunk covered by a thin mattress and a woolen army blanket; a toilet without seat or toilet paper; a washbowl, brownish from residue and grime; a small metal shelf upon which was a pan, a tin cup, and a tablespoon." pg 71
"If he wants to come in the dayroom in shackles- all right. If he wants to stay in his cell unshackled - all right. But cell or dayroom, if i notice any aggregation. I stop all visits. pg 134
Jefferson as Christ
The last supper; Jefferson has ice cream
Both Jesus and Jefferson weren't rightly accused
"How do people come up with a date in time to take life from another man? Who made them God?" pg. 157
"Friday, April eighth, between noon and three." pg 157
^The same exact time Jesus was killed
Grant thinks he knows what is best for Jefferson
He was able to reach out to Jefferson through the radio
Signifies Jefferson becoming less of a hog and more of a man
"But I found a way to reach him for the first time. Now, he needs that radio, and he wants it. He wants something of his own before he dies." pg. 182
"That radio is there to help him not think about death...That radio makes it less painful." pg 182
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