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Shop.com Overview 2016

Confidential information. Accessible to Executive Unfranchise Owner(s) and Qualified candidates only. Knowledge is power, you must obtain and then use it.

Andrew Chee

on 10 April 2016

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Transcript of Shop.com Overview 2016

>3500 Exclusive Products
Multi-Billion Dollar

>4000 Partner Stores
>60M Products
Some Exclusive Features:
1. Comparison Shopping

2. (2 - 55%)

3. OneCart


5. Price Alert

6. E-Gifts

Unlike a Franchise:
-No Franchise Fees,
-No Monthly Royalties,
-No High Startup Cost
2-3 Year Plan
1. Shopping Annuity / Habits

2. 10-15 Long Term Customers

3. Share the Business

4. Teach, Manage, Support
$109,200 - 187,200
/year annually
Residual Income

Like a Franchise:
-Tax Advantages
-Growing Visibility
-Systemized & Proven

/week ->
Technology Partners:
Search Technologies
Why Shop @

Recession-Proof Industries
Unlimited Online Shopping Mall Franchise
3 Streams of Earning Income

- Earn from 2 - 55% on your everyday purchases
- True Cashback program (Cheques mailed out)

2. Retail Profits

- We purchase all our Exclusive Brands at Cost
- Earn 30 - 50% from our Flagship Products
- Can earn up to 1000% from WebCenters
- Trade Time for Money - Building a System for Success
- Linear increase in Salary - Exponential growth in Earnings
- Income stops when you stop - Income Continues after you've stopped
- One stream of Income - Multiple Streams of Income
- Taxes to Government - Potential Tax Advantages
- Unwillable Asset - Willable Asset to future generations
- 45 Year Plan - 2-3 Year Plan
It's not a 'get-rich-quick' program, but...
a 2-3 year WORK program to make an ongoing income.

1. Use & Share Products
2. Share the Business
3. Share knowledge
4. Lead by Example
5. Quality Time with Sr.
6. Listening to Audios

Part time: 8-15 hours/week

Step 0: Fast Start Kit - 499
- Website (Your Own Shop.com/_____)
- Mini Sites (Motives, Isotonix.com/__)
- Top 10 Best Exclusive Products
Around 500-600$ Retail
- Set Goals & Action Plan
Mentorship & Team
3. Long Term Profits:

BV (Business Volume) shares 100% in team
- Earn from $300 - 2100/week (Exclusive Products)

IBV (Internet Business Volume) shares 100%
- Earn from $300 - 1500/week (Partner Stores)
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