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Education Interview Skills

Workshop for Education Interns

Edie Irvin

on 12 April 2017

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Transcript of Education Interview Skills

What to Expect
Prepared = Confident
Goals for the Interview:
Make a Great First Impression
Demonstrate Skills and Value
Examine Fit
Land the JOB!!
Types of Interviews
Remember to.....
Give a firm handshake
Make good eye contact
Be yourself
Speak clearly
Sit Up Straight
Before the Interview:
Research, Prepare, Practice
District Size, Schools
Mission Statement
Community Projects
Prepare and Practice
Tell me about yourself....
Q&A Behavioral Questions
Success Stories
Mock Interview
Interview Day
Drive route the day before
Arrive 15 minutes early
Have a positive outlook
Focus on making a great impression
Dress for Success
Business Formal = Suit with a Jacket
Social Media
Check Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social media for inappropriate photos and conversations

Set voice mail and email to appropriate messages for employers to reach you
Black or Navy Suit
Jacket and dark or khaki pants with shirt and tie
Dress Shoes
Dark Socks - match pants - avoid white
Shave and trim facial hair
Style long hair neatly
No Hats
Black or Navy skirt/pant suit
Skirt, blouse and jacket
Neutral color, no brights or patterns
No low cut, tight or too short clothing
Wear Nude or neutral pantyhose
Minimal accessories
Conservative Make-up
What will they ask me?
Tell me about yourself....
What do I ask them?
Always have questions
About the Employer:
What can they really ask?
You Survived the Interview!
Education Career Fair
Tuesday, October 29, 2013, Humphrey Coliseum
Career Fair 9-11 Interviews Noon to 4:00
Network with School Districts

On campus students required to attend Career Fair
Professional dress required
Bring extra resumes
Sign up in Connections
Upload Resume by October 1
Sign up October 13-20

On campus students are
Required to complete two interviews
Fall 2013
Education Career Fair
DeSoto County
Tate County
Diamond Grove Center
Madison County
Rankin County
Ocean Springs
You will be asked about:
Strengths and Weaknesses
Philosophy of Education
Lesson plans
Classroom management strategies
Communication with parents
Behavioral Questions
"Tell me about a time when....."

-Why do you want to be considered?
-What characteristics do you have that will help you work with colleagues or students who are different from you?
-Describe your experience working with diverse learners.
-How would you describe a successful principal?
What kind of characteristics are you looking for in a candidate?
How do teachers and administrators collaborate to solve problems and respond to student needs?
What challenges is the district facing this year or in the next few years?
What do you think is the greatest opportunity facing the district in the near future?
Do you like working here and why?
Is there anything that stands out that makes you think I might not be the right fit for this job?
Google Questions!

Illegal Questions

Any question related to gender, race, national origin, marital status, etc

You are not required to answer.

Call them out

After the Interview
Communicate your Interest

Find out next steps - how and when will you hear back from them?

Follow up:
Send thank you notes to interviewers
Ask for business card or contact info
(hint: website or career center)
Reflection and Action
Overall impression of the interview?
What did I do well?
Areas to improve?
What specific questions were a problem?
What did I learn?

Develop an improvement plan
Re-evaluate your interest in the position, school or district.
Interview Skills

Know your resume
Sell Yourself
Tell the truth
Speak well of others
Show Interest
Ask Questions
Find out next steps
Close with a smile
& Thank You
MDE - MS Department of Education
District and School Websites
Review application directions
Please Don't....
Expose tattoos and body piercings
Un-natura hair color e.g. blue
Apply cologne or perfume
Wear leather or denim
Wear tennis shoes or sandals
Smoke before the interview
Chew gum or crunch mints
Wear sunglasses
Text or talk on phone
Job Offer
Receive verbal and then a written offer

Review offer and Request time to think over offer, if necessary - WHAT????

Accept or reject offer
Acceptance Letter - confirm salary, contract terms, start date, etc.
Rejection Letter - thank you and brief explanation

MSU Career Center Connections:
Feedback from Employer

The only major complaint I have is the texting. I don't want to see a phone when we are talking. If I do, you may as well throw away your resume. If I can't hold your attention for 2 minutes, I don't want you as an employee.

Please Don't....
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