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Music Video Evaluation

Evaluation of my music video production

Jordan Sibley

on 8 April 2011

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Transcript of Music Video Evaluation

Evaluation of Music Video Question 1 Question 2 Question 3 Question 4 I am quite pleased with my audience feedback as it is quite positive, though there isn't much critism, which is something that would help me to realise parts that people don't like and that i could change.

Question 3 : most people answered yes and that the style went well with setting the mood for the music video and showed alot of emotions that went with the lyrics of the song. Also people reconised the narrative that i had put in to emphasis the l;yrics more. Question 4: A lot of people comments on the effect of the black and white which am quite happy with as it shows its effectiveness on the audience. The fading between the artist and the actor people commented on being interesting and effective as well. The rest of my results were all positive and am quite pleased in how successful the project was. Research These three videos were part of my A2 transition were had experimented with different formats of making a music video. The first video myself and my group made was done by using Sony A1 (1080i) cameras, which learnt for the first time to use properly also using Sony Vegas to edit the video and adding effects to it to make it more visually interesting and also learning how to use the software. The second video myself and my group made was a stop motion by using a still camera and taking individual photos of movement of the objects which we then put together in photoshop, by putting together each frame to make a flowing video. The third video myself and my partner had made was a still images moveing across the screen by using key framing in Adobe Premier. It was a long process but i enjoyed it. Also learnt how to put on ps brushes to add effect to the video. I posted all my work onto blogger which helped me not to loose any work as it is all backed up on the computer and memory stick. A long side this i also used slide share and issuu to embed powerpoint and word documents onto my blog. I used youtube to search for existing music videos to grab inspiration from and also write an analysis on. Also used it to upload my animatic storyboards and all the videos that i had made. Wikipedia came in handy when researching into music video directors and gave lots of imformation to help me with my project. The CD and Magazine projects that i had done in my AS year were a big help as i already had knowledge of using photoshop and learning effects that have helped me along in my A2. Learning how to put a CD and Magazine together really helped as i knew what sort of conventions i needed to add to them. Planning For my planning i had created animatic storyboards to help with the planning of my music video which i had uploaded to youtube to embed on to my blog. I used photoshop to draw out my flat plans for my digipak and magazine advert designs. I had also used facebook as a form of communitcation to the artist so that we could easily plan meetings, photoshoots and when we were filming the video also to get in contact with the actor to play a role in the video. This was helpful as it made it easier than texting or emailing as could chat directly to the artist. Construction To film my video i used a Sont A1 camera which shot full HD so that i could get the best quality out of it when play back on youtube, it also makes clear for details to be seen that you wouldn't normally see by using a normal camera. I put my video together by using Adobe Premier which i found quite easy to use after using Sony Vegas software for my summer video it was easy to adapt the different controls. I layered clips and key framed them to add effects like the fading between two people ect.
For my digipak and magazine advert photos i used Nikon D3000 camera which is a dslr, which let me show off my photography skills. Which i then post-processed the photos and put together using Photoshop and also GIMP at home which is simlar software to ohotoshop . Evaluation For my evaluation i had created a survey on survey monkey to get feed back about my video of which i could easily analyse and see the results form each person.

I used fujifilm finepix s2500HD camera to fiml parts of my evaluation. Mixing the footage together in Adobe premier with my music video as part of question one to emphasis certain areas that i wanted to show.

Using prezi to put my evaluation all together in smart and simple way.
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