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Better Together: Leveraging Strengths to Improve the End User Experience

Lisa Brunick & Donovan DeJong Augustana College LibTech Conference (March 2011)

Lisa Brunick

on 28 September 2011

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Transcript of Better Together: Leveraging Strengths to Improve the End User Experience

Augie at a Glance Student FTE: 1700

Faculty FTE: 150

Library Staff: 6 librarians, 7 support staff

ITS Staff: 14 staff Drupal Spring 2008 - evaluating options

Summer 2008 - public site project (Drupal 5)
Developed by 3rd parties

Launch/took over management September 2008 Augie Web History Future Plans Library Drupal Project Timeline Design/Implementation Launch/Aftermath Post Launch Reality Remaining Issues

Momentum Loss Mobile

Moodle Additions

√ SSO Initial - 1995

Early Library Involvement

Library - 1st 'Independent' Maintainer

Library involved in all reworks prior to Drupal

Increased interest/involvement Marketing/Communications Drupal Modules CCK
Admin Menu
Devel (not live)
Google CSE
Google Analytics
Image/Image Cache
Nice Menus
Node Access
Node Hierarchy
Node Queue
Path Redirect
XML Sitemanp Preparation

Spring 2010 - Go ahead

June/July 2010 - Prep, Research
Site Reviews
Staff Survey
Desired functionality

Aug/Oct 2010 - Development Live October 2010 Determine/Add Content Types

Determine/Build Views

Mock up visual
Home page
Secondary pages
Alt. page type(s)

Create theme

Addition of LibGuides Library on front line of support

Library heavy user of technology

Encouraging good relations

Two-way street/Leverage strengths

Example - Migrating web site to Drupal Library/IT Collaboration Masthead - Before & After Reactions

Marketing Concerns


Lessons Preparation
Card sorts
(Students, Faculty, Library Staff)
Library Committee Original plan to migrate immediately after public site launch

Two years later ... Learning Drupal Training mostly end user

Less on behind the scenes

Drupal 6 migration Resources VanDyk, J.K. & Westgate, M. (2007). Pro Drupal Development. Springer-Verlag: New York. Young, J. & Arbogast, W. (2011, February 2). IT's Role in the Library of the Future. The Chronicle of Higher Education's Tech Therapy. Retreived from http://chronicle.com/article/Tech-Therapy-ITs-Role-in-the/126195/ Why? "When it comes to the actual individuals using the services, they don't really care if you're merged or not. What they care about is whether the services work for them and that's what's really critical." Library/IT Collaboration Library on front line of support
Laptop check-out

Library heavy user of technology
Texting students

Encouraging good relations
IT/Library meetings

Two-way street/Leverage strengths
Library an advocate for tech initiatives
Library is where the students are
Students learning/using technology Sue Stroyan
Information Services Librarian
Illinois Wesleyan University Reference Librarian Web Systems Administrator Better Together:
Leveraging Strengths to Improve
the End User Experience Augustana College (SD) Lisa Brunick Donovan DeJong Bye, K. (Director). (2008). Learning CCK [DVD]. United States: Lullabot. Bye, K. (Director). (2008). Administering Drupal [DVD]. United States: Lullabot. Reynolds, E. (2008). The secret to patron-centered web design: Cheap, easy, and powerful usability techniques. Computers in Libraries, 28, 6-8 & 44-47. Fang, W. (2007). Using Google Analytics for improving library website content and design: A Case Study. Library Philosophy and Practice (special issue). Retrieved from http://www.webpages.uidoaho.edu/~mbolin/fang.htm Spencer, D. & Warfel, T. (2004). Card sorting: A definitive guide. Retreived from http://www.boxesandarrows.com/view/card_sorting_a_definitive_guide Hepburn, P. & Lewis, K.M. (2008). What's in a name? Using card sorting to evaluate branding in an academic library's web site. College & Research Libraries, 69, 242-251. Battleson, B. & Weintrop. (2000). University libraries website nomenclature test using the card sort method: Summary report. Retrieved from http://www.jkup.net/BuffaloNomenclatureTest-Spr2000.rtf Bell, S.J. (2009). The library web site of the future. Inside Higher Ed. Retrieved from http://www.insidehighered.com/views/2009/02/17/bell Black, E.L. (2009). Web analytics: A picture of the academic library web site user. Journal of Web Librarianship, 3, 3-14. Bye, K. (Director). (2008). Theming Basics for Drupal [DVD]. United States: Lullabot. Bye, K. (Director). (2008). Understanding Drupal [DVD]. United States: Lullabot. Bye, K. (Director). (2008). Learning Views [DVD]. United States: Lullabot. Bye, K. (Director). (2008). Advanced Theming for Drupal [DVD]. United States: Lullabot. Presentation in 1 week....better get busy
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