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Provincial Nomination Program

Grade 9C Social Prezi Presentation

Ingrid George

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Provincial Nomination Program

Provincial Nomination Program -Under the Provincial Nomination Program,provinces can "nominate"
the percentages of immigrants that Canada selects each year. This also means that Alberta can specify that we need more immigrants with specific skills.
-The Provincial Nomination Program also allows some provinces to set up
their own immigration offices in foreign countries. -Governments in Canada can't require immigrants in specific places or work at particular jobs. The program increases the likelihood that the majority of immigrants will settle in the provinces whose needs match their skills. -We currently receive about 20 000 immigrants anually and we expect that the expanded program will help increase and speed up the flow of immigrants and help address our labour shortages. We need the right workers, at a certain time, with the right skills. By:Ingrid
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