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Plagiarism or Not Plagiarism

No description

Bethany Rose

on 22 August 2017

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Transcript of Plagiarism or Not Plagiarism

Student C has waited until the last minute to complete her essay. She needs to fulfill one more source requirement, but the only source she can find is one she doesn't know how to cite. So she
Puts quotes around the cited material
Puts (Government 1999) behind the quote
Puts the document title and publication year on her WC page
Did she plagiarize??
Case 3
Student A finds a research paper on the internet. She has to purchase it, so she pays using her own credit card.
Student A submits this paper to her professor for a grade.
Is Student A plagiarizing??

Case 1
Student B writes a lot of great material for his essay, but the last half page was hard to get, and he doesn't think it is very good.
He has no idea what to add to finish the paper.
So he finds a paragraph from a source that he thinks would work in his essay. Student B throws it in the paper, with no quotation marks, and does not mention the source in the paper or Works Cited.
Is Student B plagiarizing??

Case 2
Yes! This student is plagiarizing. It doesn't matter that she paid for the essay. She is still presenting another person's work as her own original ideas. This is direct plagiarism.
Verdict 1
Yes! It does not matter how much of the paper is your own ideas. There's no such thing as "kind of" plagiarizing or partial plagiarizing.
Verdict 2
Verdict 5
Not Plagiarism

Student D has incorporated a number of quotes in his essay. All have quotation marks around them, followed by author info and page number. All are on his WC page. Student D then decides
He has no more ideas
He will paraphrase ideas from texts he has already quoted and cited, but not include new citations
He will add at least one piece of paraphrased material to each page
Is it plagiarism??
Case 4
Student E learns that her next required assignment for class is similar to an assignment she had in another class. She didn't use any outside sources, so all of the ideas and info in the paper are her own. She decides the old paper will fulfill the assignment reqs. for her new class, so she submits her old paper.
Is she

Case 5
No! While she will likely receive some deductions for MLA or APA citation issues, she is still not taking credit for the ideas presented in the government document. Her acknowledgment of these outside ideas is the difference between -5 points and failing the course.
Verdict 3
Verdict 4
Always cite any idea that is not your own
Paraphrased material must always be cited
When in doubt, include an in-text citation
No matter how much or little of an essay is plagiarized, you will still face the penalty of a Zero
When re-submitting your own work, ask your professor's (or the committee's, panel's, etc.) permission
Intentional, unintentional, direct, or mosaic, at the end of the day, plagiarism is plagiarism
If you use a source once, you need 1 in-text citation and 1 WC citation. If you use a source 10 times, you need 10 in-text citations and 1 WC citation. And paraphrased material ALWAYS needs a citation!! This case is mosaic plagiarism.
Yes! Duplicate submission is a form of self plagiarism. If you want to reuse an essay, you
professors' permission.
Mandy is researching school attendance policies. Much of the research she finds does not support her argument. The sources she finds are credible, so she includes some date from them in the paper, and includes appropriate citations, but she changes the data so that her argument is better supported.
Is Mandy plagiarizing??
Case 6
Verdict 6
Yes! Even if you include correct in-text and end citations for your sources, you cannot change data. You can also not change the ideas when paraphrasing, or replace wording other than editing something like verb tense (the student ask[ed] a question) when using a direct quote. Falsifiying or misrepresenting the source is not acceptable.
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