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Lord of the Flies Island Survival

Will you survive?

Jenny May

on 14 July 2014

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies Island Survival

Scenario #5
You and the other students swim to shore. Everyone is upset and confused.

Do you:

(a) Comfort those who are more distressed than you are. (1 point)

(b) Give anyone crying a slap and tell them to man up. (3 points)

(c) Quietly get to work on a survival plan. (2 points)
Scenario 2
Scenario #3
People are getting seriously hungry and there are no rations surviving from the plane.

Do you:

(a) Try to fashion a spear and go fishing off the shore. (2 points)
(b) Start limbering up to climb some trees in search of coconuts. I don't want to kill. (1 point)
(c) Scout out the island for animals to kill. (2 points)
(d) Think about cannibalism... some of the younger kids won't last out here anyway.
(5 points)
Scenario #4
You and the other students need to make a plan to get rescued.

Do you:

(a) Spell out 'HELP' on the beach with bits of wood. (1 points)
(b) Try to get a signal fire going.
(2 points)
(c) You won't get rescued. It's about survival now. (3 points)
You've found that you can catch fish using a home-made spear. Only the older, stronger students (of which you are one) are able to do this.

Do you:
(a) Delegate jobs. You'll catch the fish if the other kids work on making a shelter. (2 points)
(b) Unlucky for them. Survival of the fittest out here - finders keepers. (3 points)
(c) Share all your catch - it's your responsibility to look out for the younger kids. (1 point)
Will you survive?
Everyone is still in a state of confusion and someone suggests that a leader is elected.

Do you:

(a) Leap up. You're definitely the man for the job. (3 points)
(b) Disagree - we don't need a leader. Let's just work together. (1 point)
(c) Agree that a leader is needed. Try to ensure the voting process is democratic. (2 points)
During the night you see the biggest student sneaking away with some of the food rations. When the loss is discovered in the morning, he blames it on your shy friend. The bully makes it clear that anyone who disagrees with him is in big trouble.

Do you:
(a) Stand up against the bully and accuse him of stealing. Justice is important. (2 points)
(b) Defend your friend without revealing that you knew it was the bully. (1 point)
(c) Blame it on your shy friend. It's survival of the fittest out here. (3 points)
6 - 11 points: Outcast Angel
You are good to a fault. Practical and compassionate you'll do anything to keep the peace and help others out. However, not everyone is as kind as you - and often you rely to much on the good nature of others which doesn't come through.
11 - 15 Points = Island survivor
Although you care about others you are practical and realise that everyone has to do their bit. You support others but expect them to support you too.
16 + points: Savage
Survival is a serious business and you're not playing any games. You're sure you know best and leap at opportunities to lead. If sacrifices have to be made in the end... well so be it. You're on a one woman/man mission to survive. Other students can stick around... as long as they are useful.
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