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North Africa

No description

D Culler

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of North Africa

North Africa Region
By: Dalton & Austin Physical Geography Location- Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, and the Red Sea. It is also in the North of Africa. It is in close proximity to Europe and Asia.

Countries- Morocco, Algeria, Tunsla, Libya, & Egypt

Landforms- Desert & Mountains

Climate- Desert & partly temporate

Traditonal People Language- Most people in North Africa speak Arabic. Some speak Berber languages, and other native languages.
Ethnic Groups- Native Africans and Caucasian.
Religion- 45% Muslim, 40% Christian, and 15% non religious or follow African religion. What Types of Government- Communist, Monarchist, and Dictatorships.
Are the Governments effective- I believe that North African countries have a hard life. Most of North Africa is desert. Even though the country has a lot of resourses from oil, the leader has not evenly distributed the money. This makes for a rich government, but a poor economy, if the people never get any money. The countries that have dictators usually are more poor. This is because the citizens that are struggling giving them money. The government is very important, because without a good government, your country could starve, freeze, burn, or get taken over. All theese things are very logical without a strong government. Government What are theese countries like today- The countries are becoming more modern in the big countries such as Egypt and Morrocco. There are many Muslims and Christians in North Africa, which makes religion very popular. Popular Culture Would you like to visit this area today?
No I would not like to visit in any of the countries in North Africa because most of theese countries are mostly desert. I wouldn't want to visit a desert because there is barely any water. Also I would not like to visit a country with a dictatorship. My final reason for not wanting to visit North Africa is that it is extremly hot in the countries of North Africa. On the other hand some of the beaches are very pretty. This is one of my reasons for wanting to visit North Africa. If Africa was not as hot I might want to visit there. If Africa also had cleaner water it would be much easier to visit because you would not have to bring all of your water and carry it all around with you.
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