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Dowsing! Why Do People Trust Two Sticks to Guide Them?

In-depth look at why people believe two metal sticks can guide them.

Victor Lee

on 2 February 2012

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Transcript of Dowsing! Why Do People Trust Two Sticks to Guide Them?

D O W S I N G!
Why Do People Trust Two Sticks to Guide Them? It was used to locate stones under the grond, also was used to locate waters that were underground Without it's technical name of "Dowsing". It's referred to as a "Stick that find hidden things" There isn't a exact date, but dowsing "Specialist" assumed that it was created 8000 years ago. They determined it through looking at cave drawings of people, with sticks. In the past it was utilized to find water underground, or caves. In the present time, it's used to find water in wells, tresures, oil. They even claim they can find missing people. What is it made out of?
It can be made out of most metal, Preferably steel or copper, to have maximum results to attract metal objects. and shape the metal to become an L-shaped rod. It could also be shaped to be like a pendulum. It could also be made out of tree brach, (Willow is preferred) Why Do People Believe in it?
The reason why people believe in it is because, they are
convinced that it has the ability to find the specified object. The Facts:
Dowsing in reality terms, it's a probability, it does not actually find the object 100% of the time. A organization called Randi foundation, had tested the ability of dowsing, and "proved that such abilities do not exist" As the video shows, the probability is the same as if it's randomly chosen. To believe in it. You would need to have a comfortable dowsing rod or stick. And to be demonstated by a professional how it can find water within the first try. The dangers in trusting dowsing?
If a person were to spend time trying out dowsing, it could lead the person in trusting that it can find from simple well water. To trying to find ghosts or spiritual forces. Spending time finding things that do not exist or unknown. It can result in money lost and precious time lost believing that it can find anything There is also the risk that
the person will rely everything on
dowsing to find objects, once the user
is shown by professionals that it actually
finds anything by channeling thoughts to
the dowsing rods.
http://www.intuitivedowsing.com/Shop/Pendulums/Healing-Pendulums/111-Atlantis.html Some cartoons have even implemented dowsing as a weapon to find enemies The End
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