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Building Your Best Resume!

Because a resume is so much more than showing what you have "done". It is showing what you have ACHIEVED!

Mara Suttmann

on 15 June 2011

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Transcript of Building Your Best Resume!

CreatingYour Best Resume GET ORGANIZED Submit Cover Letter
and Resume For
Administrative Position
at Smith Legal, Inc. Follow up with
Amazing Corporation
Interview Identify contacts at
three new
companies September 6, 2010 Make a weekly schedule Organize your personal information
to prepare for job applications Keep track of your
job applications How much time do you have to catch an employer's attention? 10-15 seconds...that's it! Step 1 - Find a Job You Want to Apply For Think of your resume as a marketing tool for this job If you are job searching the correct way,
you will have more than one type of resume Step 2- Make a List of Keywords
To Include On Your Resume These should be based on
the types of jobs
you are applying for Step 3 - Choose a Resume Format Functional Chronological Combination #1 Combination # 2 Employers prefer chronological or combination resumes

To make a functional resume better for you, clearly state
where each achievement you are listing took place by referencing
a job title, organization, or activity you have in your work history
or education experience Step 4 - Create Your Resume Heading John Smith 2047 W. Main Street - Chicago, IL 60620 - 555.444.3333 -jsmith@yahoo.com
Twitter.com/jsmith Make sure your name stands out Make sure you have an e-mail address you check regularly
Make sure you have a phone number you answer regularly If you have appropriate professional networking profiles, include them Don't put more than one
phone number on a resume

Most employers will not take
the time to call both Step 5- State a Job Objective Use keywords from your list of qualifications in your objective Step 6-Write a Summary of Qualifications Bullet Points Paragraph Combination A summary of qualifications
is composed of three to four
brief statements that say
why you are the ideal candidate
for the job mentioned in your
OBJECTIVE Step 7-List Work Experience Use years (NO MONTHS!) when listing dates on your resume Always list your jobs in reverse chronology-
the most recent one goes first Step 8- Write Achievement Standards For Your Job Descriptions Show how you perform on the job Show you are effective at the work you do Show what you achieved Turn boring job descriptions into
accomplishment statements
on your resume It's not only about
what your past duties were

It's about
what you achieved and accomplished at a previous position Step 9- List Education Education is almost always listed near or at the end of a resume Put your education underneath your summary of qualifications IF... Your education is HIGHLY relevant to your new position You are a recent graduate You have no employment experience
in the field you are going into,
but have a degree or training
in that field Step 10- Other Additions to Your Resume You may want to include items on your
resume outside of education and work experience Only include items that are RELEVANT
to the job your applying for and
RELEVANT to your objective Community Service Professional Affiliations Publications Awards Computer Skills Licenses or Certifications Now that you've finished...

Don't forget to check it twice! Job Fair at the Holiday Inn, Naperville Find five new openings to
apply for Your resume IS about what is relevant and marketable Before you get started...
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