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Illuminator by Danika

medieval quest

Jaci Howard

on 20 March 2015

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Transcript of Illuminator by Danika

Presented By Danika Harvey

An illuminator is a person who creates the covers and the big fancy letters of a book. The letters are big and they have nice fancy designs around them. Most of the time the letters have a box around it and the other part of the word on the outside of the box.
How to Become an Illumiator
To become an illuminator you have to go to the shop they work at and you become an apprentice. An apprentice is someone who is just starting to learn the job. Then you become a journeyman, after you learn how the job works. A journeyman is someone who helps the master.
Illuminations are the big fancy letters at the beginning of a scientific, literary, and philosophical stories.
How a Monk Makes manuscripts
First a monk would buy parchment paper. Then they would cut large irregular shapes. Also an assistant rubs a pumice stone on the paper to make it smooth. Then the monk gets ready to write. Then finally the monk starts to write.
Thank you For Watching

Prezi Presented By: Danika Harvey
What Is An Illuminator?

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