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Minute to win it


Nick Anderson

on 13 February 2011

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Transcript of Minute to win it

Chocolate unicorn Team: blue Hangover Dizzy Mummy Materials 7 Ding dongs materials Objective HangOver Balance 7 ding dongs
on your forehead 6 wire hangers rod Physics When the clock starts, player may grab hangers and begin hanging them so that only 1 is in contact with the rod. instructions Player may not alter hangers. If a hook slides to the corner of a hanger, the player may re-attempt the task. must be done in 60 second and the hangers must stay together for 3 second Friction
Newtons 2nd law, Change in motion of an object depends on
mass and force of an object Keep it up physics Physics:
Newton first law:
Because you are hang 6 hangers and they cant hang from the corners and they have to stay there at lest 3 seconds.
Keep it up Physics: Instrustions:


Speed: the speed of how fast the challenger is spinning

Physics Gravity:
the gravity of the
challenger after
spinning making them
fall or keep from
falling Force:
the amount of
force the
challenger is using
while spinning to
prevent paper from
breaking Materials one roll of toilet
paper Rules of the Challenge Wrap a roll of toilet paper around your body by spinning in a circle Make sure that you do NOT
tear the paper You must also do so
in or under sixty seconds Newton's Law of Motion This challenge is an example of Newton's Second Law (f=ma). Because of the force and acceleration of the challenger on the object (toilet paper), then it causes the object to wrap around the challenger. materials: 2 feathers When the clock starts player may release two feathers and begin to blow on and keep them up If the feather touches thw body or the ground the game will be over must keep thwm up for 60 second if not thw game will be over newton`s second law:
because when you blow the feathers up you dont want to blow to hard. Because the feathers will go to much force and go all over the place.
velocity newton`s second law:
because when you blow the Presented by Hunter Hallford And Nick Vicky Nellie The end
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